The Funniest Instagrams To Inspire Your Feed This Week

Look, we're all about GIFs and memes. But when it comes to getting your kicks on the go, Instagram is our go-to. It's not all gorgeous sunsets and artisinal breakfast platters, you know; in fact, lately we've noticed a growing trend of hilarity on the photo sharing app.
So, with the help of artist and Instagram pro Andrew Kuo (@earlboykins), we sifted through hundreds of 'grams for the ones that made us chuckle most. From repurposed memes to original photos of inside jokes gone viral, here are some of our favorites. But hey, it's a big world out there, and we're 100% sure we've missed some gems — feel free to help us out in the comments.
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Excuse me, sir, I seem to have found a bear?

Photo: Via @jjamesjoiner.
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Cheetos with chopsticks. #gamechanger

Photo: Via @joemande.
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Please say this isn't what we think it is.

Photo: Via @mrwendall.
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Pretty much everything on comedian Chelsea Peretti's stream is gold.

Photo: Via @chelsanity.
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What's a regional Emmy good for, if not holding toilet paper?

Photo: Via @aeropostaletuxedo.
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Just some light beach reading.

Photo: Via @jessiepiper.
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Some dogs just wanna watch the world burn.

Photo: Via @thiswildidea.
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This is either hilarious or heartbreaking. An Internet classic that is happily welcomed and revisited on Instagram.

Photo: @earlboykins.
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Isn't that what mother always said?

Photo: Via @darthsinatra.
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We don't know what it is. But we want it.

Photo: Via @sbellelauren.
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Sick tag, bro.

Photo: Via @izkp.
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Seems a little excessive, no?

Photo: Via @mrwendall.
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Badder than you'll ever be.

Photo: Via @mrwendall.
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Don't worry. We personally witnessed this event, and Rudy is not nearly as upset as he looks. In fact, he's loving it.

Photo: Via @isabellefancier.
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Okay, this is just devolving into cat/dog pics. Better quit while we're ahead.

Photo: Via @isabellefancier.