7 Best Man Speeches That Will Make You Laugh, Cry & Lose It

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Nailing the best man speech is a delicate art form: Public speaking is never fun, and when you mix that in with liquor consumption and parental figures you don't know that well, it's a recipe for disaster for the underprepared. It's not a time to play it safe, either: Following a cookie-cutter template will only get you so far, since it's virtually impossible to get people to look up from their phones if they don't feel adequately entertained.
Lucky for you wedding-speaker newbies out there, the internet is chock-full of video footage that depicts just what a spot-on speech looks like. Click through for highlights of the most creative, humorous, and heartfelt best man speeches that will make you want to raise a glass. And, to make that inspiration go a long way, we've included helpful tips gleaned from each clip so you can apply them yourself. Get ready for your standing ovation.
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This best man established the ideal sequence of the speech: Taking digs at the guests in a harmless manner, listing out similarities of both families, effusive praise for the bride, and an embarrassing story about the groom. We bet everyone was paying attention.
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Self-deprecation goes a long way. This best man — and brother of the groom — does a great job with commanding the attention of the whole room: by earnestly admitting his inexperience at giving speeches, and by making comparisons of the newlywed's love story to a romantic comedy. His cry for the DJ to cue his (nonexistent) music had everyone in belly laughs.
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When you don't know what to say, make a list of everything you should say and overtly follow that format by reading the items out one by one; that will become part of the joke. Another pro tip: Visual aids (in the form of framed childhood pics of the groom) are always a crowd-pleaser.
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How can you top a live piano rendition? By singing out your best man speech beautifully, that's how.
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This one deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame: In a remarkably nonchalant manner, the best man delivered one funny anecdote about the groom after another, barely leaving any room for the guests to recover from their laughing fits. Starting with a bathroom joke always breaks the ice.
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A great way to engage the crowd is to rally them to cheer when you name their home states — simple, but it always works. To really hit them in the feels, end your speech with a lovely short poem, like this thoughtful best man did.
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There's nothing that gets the crowd going more than a best man's speech set to a Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap. Major props for perfectly adapting the verses.
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