The (Other) San Francisco Treat! The Best Frozen Yogurts In the City

Let's face it: Everyone loves fro-yo. Chalk it up to its guilt-free reputation, the smooth texture, or the excuse to pile on loads of candy toppings — whatever the reason, we tend to go a little crazy for this frozen treat. So, as our (slightly weird and unpredictable) summer begins creeping up, now is the time to start indulging in those simple, warm-weather pleasures.
With the sun on our backs, we hit the town to scout out the most palate-pleasing fro-yo in S.F. Our checklist of criteria? Creamy consistency, super-unique flavors, and knock-your-socks-off toppings, of course. Spoons up!
Photographed by Maria del Rio
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Easy Breezy
This Noe Valley self-serve creamery appeals to the fro-yo foodie with its mouth-watering, low-fat flavors like chocolate milk, tart, and vanilla bean, while also offering unique combos like chocolate-chili and sweet-green tea. The toppings bar is just as interesting, delivering crushed potato chips, olive oil, Li Hing powder, and even bacon crumbles! If you feel like you've earned a side of fat this week, go for vanilla custard smothered in a hot, sweet, and sticky sauce. It's definitely worth those extra calories.

Pictured: Frozen vanilla custard with peanut-butter sauce and Belgian milk-chocolate discs.

Easy Breezy, 4028 24th Street (between Noe and Castro streets); No phone.
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Union Street's Lady Gaga-blasting fro-yo spot has a wall of taps pumping out an assortment of fruit flavors and caloric combinations to suit any dessert desire. From non-fat tart and pecan praline to the popular peanut butter and cake batter, Cultive hits every taste bud. The treat isn't as creamy as some of the others on our list, so if you like it on the icy side, this is your joint.

Pictured: Pomegranate and tart mixed with mango and strawberry exploding Boba (it tastes like Gushers!).

Cultive, 1998 Union Street (between Charlton Court and Buchanan Street); 415-345-8865.
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Michaelis Wine & Spirit
Want to indulge in a little ice-cream glory without the guilt? Look no further than this non-descrip liquor store in the Marina. This no-frills outpost pumps out some of the creamiest non-ice-cream in the city. The classic (and cheap!) chocolate-and-vanilla twist makes the trek over the hill completely worth it.

Pictured: Vanilla-and-chocolate twist in a cone with chocolate sprinkles.

Insider fro-yo tip: Have a hankering for some liquor store fro-yo in the Mission? Hit up K&D Market on 16th in between Guerrero and Valencia.

Michaelis Wine & Spirit, 2198 Union Street (between Webster and Fillmore streets); 415-921-5700.
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Loving Cup
This place has got to be Russian Hill's best-kept secret when it comes to the frozen stuff. Here's the deal: You pick (non-fat) vanilla or chocolate, select from the list of fruits, candies, nuts, cookies, and flavor mix-ins, and watch as they hand-churn you a personal taste explosion blended to perfection. Sit back on one of the farm-inspired blue stools and enjoy!

Pictured: A blend of vanilla and strawberry with gummi bears.

Loving Cup, 2356 Polk Street (between Union and Green streets); 415-440-6900.
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For some reason, you sort of want to hate on a place that bills itself as the "Best Tasting Yogurt In The World," but this amazing gem is 100% worthy of the title. The creaminess of its Italian-Greek style frozen yogurt is on another level. Also, Yogorino's one-of-a-kind white-chocolate waffle cone, Nutella, walnut, and pistachio sauces are able to one up this amazing yogurt.

Pictured: Signature tart with cherry sauce and topped with raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

Yogorino, 2144 Chestnut Street (between Steiner and Pierce streets); 415-359-0055, and 50 Drumm Street (between Market and California streets); 415-445-9107.
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We're obviously not the only ones who go gaga for Pinkberry. By now, it's practically a national treasure. Needless to say, we were delighted when its first S.F. location opened downtown last year. The chocolate hazelnut is so amazing, while original tart is always spot-on. Do we even need to talk about the chocolate-crunch topping? Didn't think so.

Pictured: Strawberry with kiwi and mango.

Pinkberry, 170 O'Farrell Street (between Stockton and Powell streets); 415-391-1529.
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Homemade, organic, artisanal, habit-forming fro-yo is what's on the menu at Pacific Heights' palate-pleasing powerhouse, Fraîche. With a laser-sharp focus on using seasonal and local ingredients, the Bay Area-based café has the best selection of fresh-cut fruits, local honeys, purees, toasted nuts, homemade granola — even hand-shaved Callebaut chocolate!

Pictured: Natural, Greek-style yogurt with a Mediterranean compote and toasted coconut.

Fraîche, 1910 Fillmore Street (between Bush and Wilmot streets); 415-674-6876.
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Caffé Ambrosia
A hidden favorite for those 3 p.m. FiDi sugar fixes, teeny-tiny Café Ambrosia serves up vanilla and chocolate fro-yo standards alongside fun treats like Tiramisu and marshmallow cream. Whatever your side dish is — fruit, candy, or a full-size warm brownie (we recommend the latter!) — your sweet tooth is guaranteed to be satisfied!

Pictured: Tiramisu with brownie and strawberries.

Caffé Ambrosia, 14 Trinity Place (at Sutter Street); 415-363-0538.
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Yoppi Yogurt
In some cases, it's really all about the toppings. For the 9-to-5 worker bees downtown, that might just be the case with Yoppi taking the cake. Its toppings bar is stocked with all your favorites (Reese's, M&M's, and Kit-Kats), so go crazy.

Pictured: Cake batter with Reese's peanut butter cups, M&M's, and sprinkles.

Yoppi Yogurt, 120 Montgomery Street (between Sutter and Bush streets); 415-981-9818.
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Frozen Kustherd
Alright, so this one isn't exactly fro-yo, but with flavors like Four Barrel coffee, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, cereal milk, and black sesame, we couldn't resist slipping this one in! The frozen-custard mobile truck makes appearances all around the city, and with specialty items like a Butter Love Bakeshop Pie Parfait on the menu, start tracking those wheels now!

Pictured: Four Barrel coffee flavored custard in a Dynamo Donut coffee-crunch donut sandwich, with caramel sauce.

Frozen Kustherd, Various locations including SOMA StrEat Food Park, Mint Plaza and the Ferry Building Check website and Twitter for exact locations; 415- 371-9050.