From Sexy Sweats to Cool Suede, our Latest and Greatest Picks From the Week of NYC Fashion

Truth be told, it's sometimes hard to pinpoint the defining moments of Fashion Week. There are shows we love, those we don't, and others that stay on the brain long after the reviews have been posted. But this season, one thing that resonated was literally simple: Versatility. While some designers pushed the envelope (Alex Wang, Preen, Rodarte) and others stayed the course (Band of Outsiders, Phillip Lim) the common thread was crafting garments with real transitional power, pieces that weren't tied to spring or summer but that offered freshness in the form of longevity. But in light of practicality, there were a handful of themes that kept it all interesting. And really, after 80 or so shows, what more could we want?
1. Sexy Sweats
We said it before and we'll say it again: Tailored sweats are fabulous, not just for their comfort but because cut right, they have a tailored drape that is all understated sexy...just look at how Rag & Bone and Phillip Lim turned them out.
2. The New Body Con Dress
We know, it's sort of tribal, sort of sari, but really all the body-conscious draping and ruching makes us think this is really the more evolved body-con dress. However you slice it, the workmanship is all that.
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3. Aqua Blue
After a few seasons of cobalt, this deep-blue aqua makes us wish we were on Clooney's yacht cruising the Mediterranean. Wearing Thakoon, of course.
Above, from left: Thakoon; United Bamboo; Derek Lam; Jen Kao.
4. Black & Tan
Perhaps the epitome of bold contrasts, the reappearance of black with beige and neutrals made us sit up and take note: This is a strong look for a strong lady. We like.
5. Persimmon
Richer than your typical orange, this juicy shade really popped among all the grays and blacks or more predictable pastels.
Above, from left: Brian Reyes; Rachel Comey; Derek Lam; VPL.
6. The Year-Round Leather Jacket
We love the fact that fashion is really loosening up, undoing that top button and even wearing white after Labor Day. The fact that some designers used leather and suede, particularly with little jackets, made us excited that these weren't pieces made just for one season.
7. The Ultra-Glamorous Understated Gown
The whole less is more thing really resonates with the season's choice picks of long, free-flowing gowns in a subdued palette of beige, gray, and delicate patterns. Uncomplicated, the pure elegance is all you see.
8. The Long Lean Short
Maybe they're clam diggers, maybe they're a modified bike short...However you package all the long lean shorts we spotted, one thing is certain: They're sporty-chic and a great switch from skirts.
Above, from left: DKNY; Thakoon; Zero + Maria Cornejo; VPL.
9. Mesh
Just the texture of mesh makes it not only a great layering tool, but also a practical option for warmer weather. We loved how RVCA and Rag & Bone used it as a way to bring a little depth and edginess to an otherwise simple look.
10. Tap Pants
Even if you have legs like Giselle, all those minis from last season are getting so tired. That's why we are totally into this fresh batch of lingerie-inspired tap pants. You'll still have to do some lunges but given what Brian Reyes and Vena Cava have given us to work with, it'll be worth it.
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