How To Live In Your Favorite French Films

The "undecorated" French interior is tricky to emulate — but, of course. Our take on it? All you need is a few classic pieces to anchor a spartan room; records and books are mandatory, and there has to be an almost transient feeling. The inhabitant can't appear to care that much (unframed art, unframed bed). The dreamy, slightly deranged characters in Jean-Luc Godard's New Wave films do it best, minus all the smoking.

In honor of Bastille Day, we looked to three of the director's most iconic films — Breathless, A Woman is a Woman, and Pierrot le Fou — for the furniture and accessories you really need. Pops of bold color (preferably red), prints and postcards taped to the walls, and plenty of plaid, checked, and striped patterns are all part of the mix. Life's a picnic, after all.

Click through for our inspired picks, all the better enjoyed while listening to Serge Gainsbourg, naturally.
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Photo: Courtesy of Les Films Impéria.
Pare down to only the essentials in your bedroom, like books, a typewriter, and a chair to toss your clothes on.
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Photo: Courtesy of Les Films Impéria.
Pin up postcards from art museums and embrace a messy bedside table.
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A light, plaid throw (for two) is all you need for hot summer nights.
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Keep a retro typewriter on hand for all those poetic thoughts drifting through your head.
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The pages in these books from Horizontal Press make perfect tiny artwork to tape to the walls.
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Absolutely necessary to read out loud to your lover in bed.
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Photo: Courtesy of Euro International Film.
A Woman Is a Woman
Match your sweater to the lamp shade, and remember: Yellow roses are a must.
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Photo: Courtesy of Euro International Film.
A wrinkled tablecloth is totally okay.
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Even if you're just making an egg, you'll look effortlessly chic in this checked apron.
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A modern take on the functional ladder. Great for draping magazines and dishtowels.
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In an otherwise neutral room, this is a sexy focal point.
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A timeless chair will work with all your other modern pieces.
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Photo: Courtesy of Films Georges de Beauregard.
Pierrot le Fou
Notice the bed on the ground, the low black-and-gold frame, and the stacked suitcases.
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Photo: Courtesy of Films Georges de Beauregard.
In the kitchen, pin up retro magazine covers and use enamel cookware.
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These cheerful trunks make a great bedside table, and also serve as extra storage space.
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A bolster pillow is great for the neck, plus it adds an interesting shape to the bed.
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Just say you picked it up at the Sunday flea market.
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Go with moody green glassware.