Makeup Tricks Freckled Girls Need To Know

Photographed by Ben Ritter.
Whether she's got a light dusting or a serious sprinkle, a lady with freckles faces a unique set of beauty challenges compared to those with dot-free complexions. Still, she shouldn't feel compelled to cover those beautiful spots — unless that's what she's into, of course. But, for those who want to let their freckled flag fly, they must first learn to master the dilemmas of skin tone, color correction, and shade matching.
Why is makeup different for freckled women than those who aren't sporting the spots? Click ahead for the answers to all the questions you’ve ever had about working with — not against — your freckled skin.
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Photographed by Ben Ritter.
Find Your Skin Tone
This can be especially tricky when you’re working with a potentially uneven tone. The best thing to do? Step into the light, and look past your freckles. “Try to aim for a happy medium shade, between the skin color under the freckles and the freckles themselves,” says makeup artist Allie Clark. If you aim to match your base to the color of your freckles, you’ll end up with the dreaded makeup-line jaw and muddy shade; match your skin under your freckles and everything sitting on top will appear faded and washed out.
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Embrace Primer
Nobody wants their foundation to look like it’s sitting on top of their skin, but this is especially true for the freckled among us. “Always start with an illuminating primer,” suggests Clark. “This will freshen and moisturize the complexion, allowing the foundation to set extra even.”
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Hunt Down The Right Formulation
“I love to use mineral makeup on freckled skin,” says Clark. “It delivers a buildable coverage with an incredibly natural finish.” If you’re not too concerned about extra coverage over your bare skin but are looking for something to simply even out your tone, opt for a CC cream, which will sort out your contrasting colors without totally obscuring or diminishing the freckles.
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Keep Your Contouring Neutral
The golden rule for blush and bronzer is to find one that complements — not contrasts. For bronzer, this means avoiding anything too orange and choosing shades closer to your natural skin tone. “Keep application light,” says Clark. “Layer your bronzer over your tinted moisturizer or base, and build up the color until you have the depth you want, rather than starting with a shade that will look too obvious on the skin.” Going too deep or too heavy with your bronzer will blend your freckles together into a kind of makeup stripe. And, well, we’d rather not.

The most important tip for blush? Never, ever skip it. “A pop of peony pink or coral can change the look of your makeup dramatically — in a good way,” explains Clark. “Apply to the apples of your cheeks, blending over the cheekbones toward the ears. Next, sweep any residue left on your brush over the eyelids to create a perfect harmony of color.” By staying away from shades that are too red or pink, you can avoid bright cheek splotches that will leave you looking flustered, not fresh.
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Go Wild With Color
Staying minimal with your base, bronzer, and blush means the only way you can have some serious beauty fun is with the finishing touches. “Colors for eyes and lips relate more to your actual eye color, hair shade, and outfit choice, so the good news for freckled girls is that in this area, they’re no different than anyone else,” says Clark.

So, amp up your lip and eye game. It's hard to argue with a bold pout — as well as a top-notch colored shadow — so go to town with the brightest shades you can get your mitts on.
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