Watch 3 New Fragrances Morph Into Beautiful, Real-Life Blooms!

Besides the balmy Santa Ana breeze, a pretty bloom is Mother Nature's way of becoming your L.A. BFF. Perfectly packaged on your doorstep, printed on a pair of skinny jeans, or secretly plucked from your neighbor's yard...who doesn't love florals in every form? But, for your daily dose, it's all about spritzing on the season's most aromatic fragrances, which we took the pleasure of sniffing out for you: Terveer's Gardenia; YSL's Manifesto; and See by Chloé.
In fact, we're so in love with these scents that we willed them to life, asking three top L.A. florists to do some creative note-taking. With just a few whiffs for inspiration, they managed to whip up everything from a decadent hydrangea arrangement and a poppy-laced crown to an insane gardenia terrarium. See their amazing creations here, catch a few DIY tips, and spray away!
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The Scent: Terveer's Gardenia
The Notes: Sparkling clementine and gardenia blossom are most prominent, with hints of sweet tuberose, delicate pikake flower, pink plumeria, soft woods, and warm musk.
The Florist: Holly of Hollyflora, 2673 South La Cienega Boulevard (between Cullen and Alvira streets); 310-559-5705.
The Floral Arrangement: "This fragrance has a singular old-world note of gardenia, packaged in a forward-thinking black angular box. We were inspired to look both backward and forward, creating a wild little bed for the visually powerful white gardenias. We took a glass prism, set a small cube of floral foam in the back corner, and let the black viburnums and yellow fritillarias grow from one vantage point. Very tenderly, we set the gardenias on the other materials."

Terveer Gardenia Perfume Oil, $185, available at Terveer.
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The Scent: Yves Saint Laurent's Manifesto
The Notes: Jasmine and lily of the valley are most prominent, with hints of black currant, Atlas cedar, sandalwood, vanilla, and tonka bean.
The Florist: Eric Buterbaugh at the Four Seasons Hotel, 300 South Doheny Drive (at Burton Way); 310-247-7120.
The Floral Arrangement: "I began with the luxurious world of Yves Saint Laurent. I wanted it to be dark, moody, and sexy: Playing off the packaging, I worked with deep purples and a hint of pink. I used a black glass vase and began the arrangement with a base of dark-purple hydrangeas with dark-purple and deep-pink anemones. Trailing down are wisps of jasmine, and in the center of the arrangement I did a vein of lily of the valley — the most precious and expensive flower of all."

Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto Eau De Parfum Spray, $62, available at Yves Saint Laurent.
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The Scent: See by Chloé
The Notes: Juicy bergamot and apple are most prominent, with hints of jasmine, ylang ylang, vanilla, and sandalwood.
The Florist: Teri Ryan at Clementine Floral Works, 3936 Sunset Boulevard (between Sanborn and Hyperion avenues); 323-896-2436.
The Floral Arrangement: "The scent is downtown sexy meets fun and unpredictable. So, we used a combination of orange and pink hues, with fun flowers like ranunculi and poppies, as well as jasmine vine, fritillaria, anemones, and Pieris japonica. Just remember, there are four rules to flower arranging: 1. There are no rules. 2. Don't overthink it. 3. There's no crying in flower arranging. 4. When it's pretty, it's done!"

See by Chloé Eau De Parfum Spray, $58, available at Nordstrom.