4 Ways To Break Out Of Your Summer Beauty Rut

Bronze skin, bright lips, beachy waves, low-maintenance ponytails — we get it, it's summer and those looks work. But by mid-July, even we find ourselves yawning as we reach across the bathroom counter for the same taupe bronzer and black hair-tie. Isn't there something a bit more...unexpected? Fun? Daring? (But also won't melt in the summer heat, require any additional prep time, or empty our bank accounts?)

We tapped hairstylist Bobby Eliot and makeup artist Quinn Murphy to give us the lowdown on how they turn up four classic beauty looks for their celebrity clients. Ahead, try out their tips and never look at your routine as blah again.
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When In Doubt, Add A Braid
A simple mini-braid is the quickest way to upgrade basic beachy waves — not to mention hide a little midday sweat. The type of braid is up to you (we've got plenty of ideas), but Eliot prefers making two three-strand plaits from your part to the back of your head. Then, twist them into a knot and secure with a couple bobby pins. If you're feeling ambitious, Eliot suggests running a gold-flecked product like Oribe's Gold Pomade through your strands first to bring out the highlights and keep the sections from slipping through your fingers.
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Brighten Your Bronze
For a product that is supposed to make you look healthy and sun-kissed, bronzer somehow finds a way to look cakey, flat, and sad in the summer heat. To fight this, Murphy always finishes with strategic highlighter in a complementary shade. "Choose a Champagne or gold, slightly shimmery cream and very subtly apply it to the top of the cheekbones, tip of the chin, and along the Cupid's bow," he says. He's quick to recommend two of his favorites: RMS Living Luminizer and Charlotte's Tilbury's gold highlighter from her 'Filmstar' Bronze & Glow compact. We also recommend the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop — a white gold with peachy-pink undertones that was created with every skin tone in mind.
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Rethink Your Basic Ponytail
We're never going to give up on our classic summer ponytail — it's the best frizz controller in the book. But to make it even more chic, Eliot recommends adding an eye-catching accessory to the base. "This is an easy way to go from day into night," he says. "I'm obsessed with Sylvain le Hen hair accessories at the moment — they have a variety of different styles in gold, silver, and bold colors." (Case in point: Victoria's Secret model Lindsay Ellingson wearing Sylvain le Hen Hair Clip 004 at Cannes.) For an easy and more affordable DIY, wrap a piece of metallic leather or string around the base of the ponytail, or attach a vintage pin to your hair tie or barrette using a hot-glue gun.
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Ombré Your Lip Color
Fuchsia lipstick, we love you and we need you (and thanks to you, we can still get away with wearing all-black-everything in the summer). But we kind of want to try other things, okay? That's why we love this ombré lip.

After sweeping on a matte pink lipstick, choose another tone and "starting in the center, dab the color on with your ring finger, tapping lightly around the center of the top lip and lower bottom lip," says Murphy. This method will allow the colors to melt into each other in an "I just ate a pinneaple-cherry Big Stick" kind of way. If your lips tend to fall on the dry side, wait for both lipsticks to settle, and then follow up with a matte lip balm.
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