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Valentine's Day Treats To Surprise Your S.O.

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    About 10 minutes after Christmas Day ended, drugstores across the country sprang into action. As the tinsel came down, out came the red bunting, the heart-shaped boxes, and those weird kissing teddy bears with the magnetized mouths. Single or not, you can't have missed the Valentinesification of the world around you. Now, two weeks out, it's time to get in the game.

    While there's absolutely nothing wrong with the flowers-and-chocolate combo, you might want to step up your game this year. There's more than one way to woo, and if your sweetheart takes their sugar seriously, we have 20 sweets and savories that will actually impress. Not that you're not adorable enough as it is, and you totally don't even need to buy a present, really, it's fine, no, seriously.

    Whether it's a great glass of wine, a handcrafted candy bento box, or just an enormous amount of cheese, the finds ahead will help you get your gift game on lock (and with plenty of time left to order). Check out our top picks for V-Day treats, each varied for every palate and price point — and, frankly, they're all a lot sexier than a drugstore box of cherry cordials. (Not that we're knocking. We'll totally take those off your hands.) XOXO!

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