A Star Designer Invites Us Into Her Dreamy Little BK Cottage

Check one: You know you've made it if you have A. a successful line of handbags, B. a versatile ready-to-wear collection, or C. a really well-curated vintage e-commerce site. Anna Corinna's answer? D. all of the above. One half of Foley + Corinna, Anna is a fashion triple threat. Her wares boast basic-with-a-twist tops, iconic wear-everywhere bags, and one-of-a-kind throwback pieces that let you relive the '60s.
With such a rad résumé, it was only natural to be curious about Anna's home base. So, we invited ourselves over for one sun-soaked Brooklyn afternoon, and found that the abode definitely lived up to the designer. The eclectic space is so zen-like it might actually convince you to turn off your phone and chill for a sec. Romantic and bohemian without being too gimmicky, her space is an obsessive Instagrammer's dream (umm, check out all those inspiring knickknacks!). As for that backyard playhouse…Anna, would you consider renting it to us?
Check out our exclusive tour of Anna Corinna's serene BK escape, and breathe a little.
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How would you describe your interior design style?
"It's a combination of treasure hunter, vignette builder, and appreciative director of the mise-en-scène."

Vintage kimono, Natori cami, Tripp NYC jeans, Proenza Schouler heels, vintage necklace.

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What is your biggest source of inspiration when it comes to decorating your home?
The find of true treasures, be it art, textiles, objects, or furniture... The beauty of each piece I own, from my chandeliers to my rugs to my embroidered elephant family — it's all unique and special and priceless in my eyes. Each piece I found somewhere from someone, and therefore each has a story.
I am inspired by beauty and color. Having the treasures I have hunted throughout my home keeps me happy and entertains my eye."
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It's easy to see the correlations between your clothing line and your home style — does one influence the other?
"Honestly it's all the same to me. Someone came to my house the other day and they said 'It's so Foley+Corinna' (with surprise) — but of course it is. Whether I'm making a handbag, working with Dana (Foley) on our ready-to-wear collection, building a store, or choosing paintings for my home, I do it with the same eye. I don't think they influence each other as much as they both come from my love of the unique, texture, richness, and play.
I built my house out of things I find and love with no scheme in mind, but I trust my sense of what is beautiful. I have the same sense and trust it in designing ready-to-wear, handbags, and in decorating my house. I come from a unique background — no fashion training, no business training. I go with what I feel. If there is an influence in my Foley+Corinna collections and my home, it's the influence of trusting what I find beautiful and striking."
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We're dying over your dining room — what kinds of entertaining do you do?
"I love a huge dinner party — we do a lot of entertaining and dinner parties; BBQs in the backyard are my favorite. We have kids and we have a lot of friends with kids, so I have gotten used to lots of friends, lots of kids, great food, and delicious cocktails... nothing is better. They can stay all night, and even crash on our couch if it comes to it — restaurants never let you do that.
Once a year (the day after New Year's Day), we do a brunch that usually lasts all day and ends in ordering Thai at midnight and a beer run to the bodega — this has become tradition and I am sticking with it."
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Do you have any decorating advice for fellow NYC- dwellers?
"Stay away from big stores — buy vintage, buy art, buy handmade. NYC is full of great shopping, from little thrift stores to flea markets, antique stores, and ethnic neighborhoods. Each thing you buy should be special, not just art but really anything that can be hung is ideal. I started buying big planes and butterflies and hanging them from the ceiling — none of us have enough space in the city, but we do have walls and ceilings — make them beautiful, fill them up, change them around. They will make you happy if you are constantly looking at things you love that are unique to you and your taste."
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Where do you shop for home buys in NYC?
"I still think that The Garage and Hell's Kitchen flea markets are the best, I have never left empty-handed. Also, The Showplace is full of great vendors with furniture, art, textiles, and lighting, and because there are so many vendors the inventory is constantly changing. ABC Home, John Darian, Sheherazod, Timbuktu, Chinatown, Little India, and The Malcolm Shabazz African Market are also spectacular for home goods."
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What are your favorite spots in your Brooklyn neighborhood?
"Barcade, of course (my husband Pete owns it). Diner still can't be beat as far as Williamsburg restaurants go, and I love Uncle Louis G's for Italian ices with my boys. For home shopping I love the whole strip of little stores on Wythe and Grand, especially Moon River Chattel. Catbird is my favorite place for jewelry from new designers. And, for a movie and dinner with my husband or friends, Nitehawk Cinema is the best new addition to Williamsburg."
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Foley+Corinna dress, vintage Wrangler denim shirt.
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Your backyard is so unique — is there a story behind it?
"John Rattigan from Root Stock is a close friend, and he and I are both Pinterest and Instagram obsessed — we share pictures of flowers and gardens we love, and then he will actually come over and make it happen in my yard. My kids have named the play house 'the duck house,' and love fishing out the windows (with fishing poles) and climbing on the swing.
The story of my backyard is that we live in Brooklyn, but wanted some green grass to walk barefoot in and dirt to plant tomatoes in, so we created our oasis and enjoy every inch of our island. I even have an iron mermaid who watches over it to keep us safe — she's pretty good."

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If you could pick one, what's your #1 room in the house?
"I have to say I really do love my entire house — I find it so warm and peaceful. We finally have our country house (it just happens to be in Williamsburg). BUT, if I had to pick one room it would be my bedroom — I love our huge bed. I have two little boys — Wolfie and Decker — they still come in every morning for some pre–dawn snuggles and I can hear the birds sing right outside my windows. This is my favorite part of the day and my favorite place to be with my favorite people in the whole wide world."
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Brooklyn is rife with amazing boutiques, where do you find yourself shopping most often?
"I love Atlantic Avenue. I think they have a great assortment of boutiques, small designers, home, ready-to-wear. And, I am quite pleased that the Brooklyn Flea has slowly been opening up in a few different spots — it always has a great mix of designers, vintage, and jewelry. Oh, and I have been meaning to check out the Dekalb Market — I've heard it has a nice mix..."
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As a fashion designer, what are some of your other favorite lines and designers out there?
"I love Malia Mills, Ann Demeulemeester, rag & bone, and Isabel Marant."
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What is one beauty product you don't leave your house without?
"Do chapstick and jewelry count as a beauty product? I'm not really a product girl — I keep thinking that when I get older I'll start wearing makeup and using potions, but for now when I leave the house, I say 'Phone, wallet, keys...' — I make sure I've got 'em and go. I try and leave the house with quite a bit of jewelry though...it makes me feel dressed up."
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What is one trend you're loving and one you're ditching?
"Well I'm not ditching it because I never picked it up, but I believe I have seen more than enough nail art for one lifetime. A trend I am keeping?....Hmm not sure if it counts as keeping, but I recently started wearing maxi dresses. I dont think I have worn a dress in at least 10 years, but we made one this summer and I fell in love with it. I then realized there were more dresses in similar silhouettes that I loved, so i started buying and wearing those too."

Detail shot of Emma Hope shoes.