Not A Skirt, Not A Skort: The New Dressed-Up Shorts

There are certain moments when skirts are 100% appropriate — at the office or at a wedding, for example. But, they don't work for every situation. Have you ever tried picnicking in the park wearing a skirt? You either flash that new pair of skivvies or are forced to sit in an awkward mermaid position for hours. Not good.
But, there's an easy solution to your want-to-wear-a-skirt-but-can't conundrums: shorts that look like skirts (but aren't skorts, either). In most cases, these flowy, slightly oversized culottes could easily pass as a skirt, but when you're sitting — voilà — they're comfy bermudas, with no peekaboo situation to worry about. Ahead, see 20 of our favorite pairs that work this fashion magic.

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