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Five Ways To Get Hot Weather-Wear For Guys Just Right

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    Even if you're the dandiest of dudes, when it comes to summer dressing, it can be tough trying to find the right mix of fashion and stay-cool function. Since we already etched out a how-to guide of effortless summer style for the ladies, we figured—thanks to the polite urging of several of our devoted readers, yes you, too, Jeff—that we'd return the favor for the boys. Taking inspiration from a slew of stylized street stars, here's our easy-to-achieve summer style guidebook just for gents.

    The Look: Laid-back luxe with an easy striped blazer.


    The Site: Face Hunter
    The Goods, clockwise from top left: A.P.C. Cotton Canvas Espadrilles, $39 (were $50), available at Bird; American Apparel Slim Slacks, $74, available at American Apparel; Uniqlo Extra Fine Cotton Dry Jacket, $79.50, available at Uniqlo.

    The Look: The unexpected vest that can change everything.


    The Site: Style Sightings
    The Goods: Topman Light Grey Jersey Waistcoat, $80, available at Topman; Black Briefcase, $30 (was $12), available at Style End ; Belfry Goon Stingy Snap Brim Fedora, $38 (was &49), available at Hats in the Belfry; Sruli Recht Nurse Boots, $660, available at Bblessing.
    The Look: Simple accessories go a long way.


    The Site: Refinery29
    The Goods, clockwise from top left: Uniqlo Washed Chino Shorts, $29.50, available at Uniqlo; Modern Amusement Aviator Sunglasses, $188, available at Modern Amusement; Topman Natural Panama Straw Trilby, $35, available at Topman.

    The Look: The perfect flattering slouchy pant.


    The Site: Altamira NYC
    The Goods, clockwise from top left: Opening Ceremony M16 Huarache, $440, available at Opening Ceremony; United Bamboo Front Tuck Pant, $122 (were $405), available at Opening Ceremony; Billykirk Shoulder Satchel, $297, available at Revolve Clothing.

    The Look: Nautical cool done just right.


    The Site: Copenhagen Street Style
    The Goods, clockwise from left: Bollman 140 1940s Porkpie Hat, $100, available at Village Hat Shop; American Apparel Poly-Cotton Stripe Crew Neck, $22, available at American Apparel; Moscot Miltzen Frames, $179, available at Moscot.

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