Five New Scents to Freshen Up the Fall Season

The power of scent is a mysterious thing. It causes heads to turn (hello stud on Spring Street), gag-attacks to go off, and buried memories to stir. Just the other day, a whiff of baby shampoo evoked a preferred childhood eau de toilette by our (and Louboutin's) favorite plastic bombshell. And since we're all for channeling our own inner vixens, here's a few alluring new essences that could leave you smelling as divine as you look.
Fille en Aiguilles—Serge Lutens: Fille en Aiguilles, French for "girl in needles," smells just like it translates: A bold mélange of pine needles, vertiver, incense, and fruit makes this spicy scent a total winner.
Bellissima—Blumarine: The fashion house created this ultra-feminine fragrance to make you feel every bit the bellissima that you should. A medley of floral and musk notes denote the contrasting sweet/sexy sides to every foxy lady worth her salt.
Eau Mega—Victor & Rolf: Yes, a little spray of this light and refreshing eau of violet leaf, basil, and pear could well leave you feeling "mega" glamorous, indeed.
Parisienne—YSL: A spritz of this bold blackberry, damask rose, and sandalwood tonic will leave you feeling (and smelling) like a Left Bank-born femme fatale.
Mythique—Parfums DelRae: This delicate composition, inspired by the striking Diane de Poitiers, mistress to King Henri II of France, mingles Florentine orris butter with flowers from the gardens of Chenonceau, a Chateau given to Diane from Henri back in the day. What that means to you is bergamot, jasmine, and sandalwood are all fused together in one elegantly sexy scent.