5 Last-Minute Beauty Tips For Holiday Hotness

'Tis the season to be jolly, but balancing work and play during this time is never all fun and (white elephant) games. For those of us who end up burning the candle at both ends, the first thing that tends to suffer is our skin. But there's an art to still appearing dapper when you're feeling disheveled. That's why we asked ARCONA owner Chanel Jenae to help us save some face with five easy pointers for looking polished in a pinch. Her luxe, all-natural line of products and her Santa Monica spa get Erin Fetherston, Katherine Heigl, and AnnaLynne McCord glowy after long days and nights on set and at parties. Trust us, take these tricks of the trade and you'll have a ball at your holiday hullabaloos, looking like you've just stepped from the beaches of Bali rather than out of the depths of stress. Oh, and hangovers? You might feel like hell, but you'll look more Chloë Grace Moretz than Courtney Love.
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Photography: Courtesy of Arcona, Via Ms. & Mrs, and Via Healthy Concepts.
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1) Feign Freshness With A Few Key Products
"Between work, parties, shopping and everything else in-between, we’re all a little sleep-deprived during the holidays. Your skin often shows the immediate effects of too few hours of rest, so make sure to drink plenty of water, and keep your skin properly moisturized with a hydrator such as ARCONA’s Peptide Hydrating Complex. Also, to fight those inevitable under eye circles, make sure to consistently use an eye cream such as ARCONA’s Eye Dew, which aids in repairing damaged skin and increases elasticity around the eyes with beta-fructan and liquid crystals. Anti-inflammatory blueberry extract and vitamin E help heal and soothe skin, while reducing puffiness."

Photography: Courtesy of Arcona.
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2) Be As Prepared As Possible
"So you can always look fresh in a flash and don’t have to stress about transitioning from your day to evening bag when you’re in a hurry, always have clutch essentials ready — concealer, mints, hydrating face mist, and a mini perfume. I always carry a Ms. & Mrs. Minimergency Kit for Her in my bag. It’s packed with 16 must-have items for any beauty or life emergency, including hair spray, lip balm, earring backs, stain remover and deodorant towelettes."

Photography:Via Ms. & Mrs.
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3) Zap Pimples
"Unfortunately, blemishes don’t go away overnight, so if you have somewhere to be, you can treat the blemish to reduce the inflammation with a product such as Clean & Clear's persa gel 10. Then, conceal using a cotton bud or small, pointed concealer brush—I like Lavera's 2 in 1 Foundation for this. Apply a dot of it to the center of the blemish, then lightly spread it to cover. Brush over with translucent powder."

Photography: Via Natural Healthy Concepts.
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4) Be Body Conscious
"Weleda Body Oil is an amazing product to combat those scales on your legs and arms. One trick I use with the oil is to apply right after getting out of the shower. Your pores are more open because of the steam and heat, and will absorb the product more, helping to retain the skin’s moisture."

Photography: Via Soap.com.
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5) Ready A Regimen
"For an ongoing plan to hydrate winter skin, I think the best piece of advice I can give is to drink tons of water! This will keep your skin fresh through the harsh winter months. Also, use a more hydrating facial cleanser and serums, exfoliate, use a humidifier (I like the Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic 7135), and exercise to relieve stress and boost circulation. A few of my own favorite winter skincare products are the White Tea Purifying Cleanser, Cranberry Gommage and Gentle Solution."

Photography: Via Target.