10 Fitness Brands You're Mispronouncing

“Nice leggings, where did you get them?” can be the both the best and worst compliment you receive at the gym or fitness studio. It’s great that your selection of spandex has received a nod of approval, but now you’re put on the spot and have to try to properly pronounce the brand’s name, whatever it is. Sure, some companies are easy: Under Armour and Reebok are non-issues. But, take a quick trip to any major sporting-goods store and you’ll notice a few brands that will leave you wondering, “How do you say that?”
Since we’ve overheard our fair share of name-butchering and nonspecific murmurs (and we’re guilty of a few ourselves), we put together a quick primer on how to say 10 of the more “unique” fitness-fashion brand names. Read on for the pronunciation breakdown — so you're not caught off-guard in your 2XU.
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Courtesy Of Oiselle.
Brand: Oiselle
Say it: wah-ZELL

The brand that counts Lauren Fleshman and Kara Goucher as sponsored athletes gets its name from the French word for bird. "It alludes to that feeling of weightlessness that most runners know and love. That sense of flight — when the legs go fast and the heart goes free,” the founder and CEO (a runner, of course) Sally Bergesen says on the company’s site.

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Courtesy Of Lolë.
Brand: Lolë
Say it: low-LAY

The Montreal-based fitness brand just opened a new store in Soho, NYC, and offers everything from luxe yoga wear to outdoor jackets to performance swimsuits.

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Courtesy Of 2XU.
Brand: 2XU
Say it: two-times-you

A simple trick for remembering: The brand's mission is, “we exist to multiply your performance.”

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Courtesy Of Nux.
Brand: NUX
Say it: nucks

A favorite among yogis, Nux's seamless compression tops and bottoms fit like a glove. Not familiar with the brand? It's also available on Zappos.

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Courtesy Of Athleta.
Brand: Athleta
Say it: ath-LETT-uh

The most common mistake we’ve heard is pronouncing the brand like you would “athlete,” but with an A. The right way to say it is with a short E.

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Courtesy Of TYR.
Brand: TYR
Say it: tier (like tears of joy)

Named for the Norse god of warriors, TYR is a popular performance brand among swimmers and triathletes.

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Courtesy Of Alala.
Brand: Alala
Say it: uh-LA-la

It seems activewear brands love mythology; Alala takes its name from the Greek goddess of the war cry. The first syllable creates the same A sound as when you say "appreciate."

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Courtesy Of Soybu.
Brand: Soybu
Say it: soy-boo

The Soybu logo is inspired by the Chinese peace symbol, and the brand (available at major sporting goods stores) is focused on sustainability; more than half of the collection is made from recycled polyester.

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Courtesy Of Vimmia.
Brand: Vimmia
Say it: vim-ee-UH

The LA-based company derives its name from the Latin word “vim,” which means life force. While the brand hasn’t gone mainstream (yet), the luxe gear is sold online and at fitness boutiques across the U.S. and Canada.

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Courtesy Of Lululemon.
Brand: lululemon
Say it: loo-loo-lemon

While it may seem obvious, we wanted to throw in the brand for good measure, to save you from any luon-caused embarrassment. Say it exactly how it looks — no lemón by way of Targée confusion here.