First Look! Jeffrey Monteiro's Easy, Pristine Resort Chic

Perusing all the Resort collections has us wishing that we had a bank account as vast as the Pacific Ocean, just so we could dip into it for a getaway to St. Tropez and that $2000 Saunders dress to go along with it. But hot up-and-comer Jeffrey Monteiro's new Resort collection is full of simple, easy, pristinely-tailored pieces at (comparatively more) affordable prices, so if we wanted that bright red blazer ($475) or metallic shift dress ($395) for a weekend getaway to, say, the Hamptons, instead, we could. That shimmering floral-print top with the cutaway shoulders ($375), on the other hand? We could easily wear that to our day job—no swimming in the Pacific needed. Check out more pretty li'l Monteiro Resort pieces after the jump....