The Product Arsenal Fine-Haired Girls Need

Unless you were graced with the rare kind of hair that packs megawatt shine and hella volume regardless of the elements, then there's a solid chance you've harbored a moment of hate for your hair — it happens. Recently, we laid out the struggles those with natural hair face — which features an on-point GIF game, in case you were wondering — and now we're here to address the opposite end of the follicle spectrum: fine hair.

Limp and lackluster? Weighed down at the sight of oil? Easily greased-up and perennially flat? My fine-haired homegirls, we're here with good news: If equipped with some kick-ass products, your hair woes will actually be quite easy to conquer. To send you in the right direction, we've assembled a slew of power players that work to add volume, thickness, and texture to lifeless locks. Click through for 11 bombshell-boosting hair buys that are most definitely worth your money.
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Infused with the natural sugar starch maltodextrin, this 98% natural spray packs instant volume. It also includes biotin, which promotes lasting thickness over time. Other power ingredients like ginseng and ginger root allow for better blood flow to the scalp, which naturally enhances hair growth.
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Although mousse comes with some negative associations (crunchy hair, anyone?), for fine-haired girls, it's a must. Luckily, there are plenty of new mousses on the market geared up to squash that stereotype — and Alterna’s unique formula is leading the pack. Organic bamboo extract works to strengthen strands, while organic maca root will give your hair maximum fullness, thickness, and lift. For best results, apply to damp hair, focusing on the roots, to create superior volume.
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When it comes to shampoo, the key word you should be searching for is "volume." This bad boy contains wheat protein to bulk up a thin (or thinning) mane, along with a patented thickening complex called Expansion Technology, which supports maximum hair health and fullness.
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Create the weightless texture and fullness you crave with this weightless dry spray. It uses silk powders (fancy) and polymers to boost volume instantly and give the appearance of thicker hair. Oh, and did we mention it’s translucent? Kiss unfortunate white residue goodbye.
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Oribe brings the hair game, so naturally, this luxe shampoo is no exception. Infused with body-boosting polymers, keratin, and botanical extracts, it works to plump up the hair and make it nice and shiny. An added bonus: it provides UV protection.
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Specifically designed for fine-haired individuals, this distinctive base product uses thickening polymers to add density and volume to limp and lifeless strands.
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Awkward flaking and stiffness are nowhere in sight with this virtually traceless (and weightless) spray. Despite its lightweight application, wilted strands are miraculously transformed into bouncy, bombshell waves.
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Conditioner is precarious territory for fine hair, as it can often inject too much moisture, weighing down hair like an anchor. But fear not, there are always exceptions. Enter Long By Valery Joseph, which has a patented "Smart Keratin" complex that will leave your strands shiny, smooth, and most importantly, voluminous.
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Keeping your mane its healthiest is the first step in obtaining the life and body you want for your hair. This antioxidant-filled formula moisturizes and diminishes breakage (which contributes to hair falling flat) so you're really getting at the root of the problem.
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To rid your locks of the dirt, oil and overall griminess that weighs your hair down, you need a proper clarifying shampoo that packs a major punch. Living Proof's Full Shampoo offers a thorough detox of all the aforementioned buildup, which makes room for maximum fullness and preps for styling.
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