Style Syllabus: Finals Week Pick-Me-Ups — Plus, A Giveaway

The dreaded finals week — nail biting, hair pulling, break-out inducing finals week — is upon us. It’s pretty much hell on Earth, right? Not to mention, the added pressure on top of papers and exams, if you've also got graduation coming up. Sucks. We know.
But we've got some relief in sight. First and foremost, you must find a muse. You’re definitely going to need an extra dose of inspiration to urge you on and make you think of the better days ahead. To help you push through, we picked out some mood-lifting items that will also work wonderfully as your own personal end-of-the-year presents — for your friends or, more likely, yourself.
Perk up and feel free to do a little online shopping. Call it a study break if you want. After all, you’ve earned it. Ahead, the best gifts for the studious test taker — and a special giveaway to help you survive finals week.
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Peter Pan collars are made for diligent schoolgirls, who spend all their time you!

Miss Selfridge Silver Chain Peter Pan Necklace, $32, available at Miss Selfridge.
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If you have to lug your laptop around, it might as well be in a cheery case.

Della Soaring II MacBook Case, $38, available at Della.
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Stretchy enough to spend an all-nighter in, these will also aid your daydreaming about breaking out of the library.

Denimocracy Anarchy Knit Legging, $92, available at Denimocracy.
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Even if you’re drinking it at 3 a.m., coffee tastes much better in a cute cup.

Anthropologie Homegrown Monogram Mug, $8, available at Anthropologie.
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You’ve probably just about had it with books, but you’ll look forward to reading this one. Promise.

Lonely Planet Travel Book, $30, available at Urban Outfitters.
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Count down the minutes 'til summer with this sweet timepiece.

ASOS Pastel Jelly Watch, $31.31, available at ASOS.
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A serious survival kit for the freaked-out finalist.

Dormify Exam Study Kit, $79, available at Dormify.

PLUS, we’re giving away two of the Dormify kits to lucky readers who share their craziest exam-week stories in the comments.