The 33 Fictional Friendships We Wish We Were A Part Of

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    Sure, we love romantic movies with our fictional lovers . But, we also know that the first meaningful relationships we have — and the ones that force us to spill those tears of compassion — are with our best friends. So, the fictional duos who are there for each other during breakups, makeups, and, er, stick-ups (in some cases) remind us to cherish our nearest and dearest, while also inspiring us to be better pals.

    While none of these pairings are perfect — there are many more murders, deaths, and arrests than we hope to replicate — they all show us that buddy romances are some of the deepest and most lasting loves of all. Who else will help solve the murder of your childhood friend or start a business to provide for your child? The Hobbes to your Calvin, the Thelma to your Louise, the Pooh to your Christopher Robin...that's who.

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