Favorite Yelp Of The Week: The Meatball Shop

We're giving you a holiday present a little bit earlier then Christmas: Announcing our new NYC column, F.Y.I.! And no, it's not "For Your Information" (though it's certainly that too), instead the initials stand for "Favorite Yelp Is." Each week, we'll be choosing our top Yelp review (if you've been living under a rock, Yelp delivers real reviews of a variety of places from real people...maybe even you!) for your perusing pleasure, sifting through the zealous, the over-enthusiastic, the bitchy, and the just plain pee-in-your-pants funny commentators. So, take a little time before you make your next reservation...you may not like what you hear. You've officially been Yelped!
The Meatball Shop: Reviewed by kathleen c.
'Tis the season and we're craving comfort food, so our Yelp search naturally led to an LES fave. Put your MenuPages aside and join us in giving a strong pat on the back to our favorite Yelp review for The Meatball Shop, courtesy of Kathleen C. With 541 reviews and an overall rating of 4 (out of 5) stars, we had some trolling to do, but C's little gem had serious meat(balls). Check out her blog,after guffawing over her comments..While she hasn't updated in a while, we hope this FYI award nudges Kathleen into sharing more of her bananas banter. Let's just say she sweats those balls—a lot.

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