11 Of Our Favorite Money Diaries Comments

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
Unless you're new to this scene, you might have noticed that Money Diaries have been making a very regular appearance on R29 recently. That's because we have declared the month of July Money Diaries Month!
Summer can sometimes be about excess: More sun, more heat, more ice cream and — in this case — more Money Diaries! We want to give you a wider sense of how diarists across the country — and across the world — are spending, saving, splurging, or just dipping their toe into their finances for the very first time. So, keep reading, keep submitting — and keep commenting.
Because no Money Diary reading experience is complete without input from the MD Commentariat, we're sharing some of the comments that have made us think or smile. Feel free to share your favorite Money Diaries moments, too ... in the comments.