Loved, Lost, Remembered: 25 Beauty Products We Want Brought Back To Life

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Passing a certain spot or getting a whiff of a specific scent can evoke vivid memories in an instant — and, in this material world we live in, a product can have that same power. But, many of the things we once used (and loved) are no longer with us (RIP, little buddies), especially when it comes to our beauty routines. Whether it's a shampoo with the visceral fortitude to take you back to your teenage years or a lip gloss that was so damn good you just can’t wrap your head around why it was discontinued, we all have a goodie or two we wish we could bring back from the grooming grave.

And, this doesn’t just go for us beauty fanatics — we polled the R29 office and found quite a few staffers who wish they could resuscitate their long-gone go-tos. So, we give you 25 revival-worthy products — hopefully they will serve up a healthy dose of nostalgia, and a gentle nudge to the companies that rendered them extinct. Hey, if Full House gets another go at it…   
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Tom Ford Lip Lacquer In Pink Lust
"Tom Ford's Lip Lacquer is a unicorn in the makeup world — a gloss that gives you a patent finish without feeling sticky or gunky on the lips. For summer 2013, he released a near-perfect golden-pink shade that has become my end-all, be-all for nude summer lips. The fact that this was limited-edition and sold out — and that I've reached the dregs of the one tube in my personal stash — hurts my heart in ways that I can't really explain without getting embarrassingly emotional." Megan McIntyre, Beauty Director
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Urban Decay Sin Perfume Oil
“I loved it because it smelled so good, and it's really hard to find a scent that has the same intoxicating smell! It also lasted for hours, so I never needed to reapply. It smelled like cigars, rose, and spice! The fragrance wasn't too strong and it wasn't too weak; it was just right." — Stefanie Sellenraad, Account Director
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Maybelline XXL Mascara
“I loved this two-step formula so much, I bought a case on Amazon after it was discontinued. Now, I use a lengthening mascara in conjunction with a volumizing mascara, and I'm always trying to mix and match brushes to get the same effect.” — Hayley Mason, Associate Beauty Editor, Brand Experiences
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Maybelline Kissing Koolers
“I graduated to these little tubes of goodness after Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, and wonder why they ever went away. They were the perfect size to slip into my tight teenage jeans, and they tasted so yummy (cola peppermint, watermelon, etc.) The swirly packaging was so early-'90s perfect, and I definitely spent many a babysitting paycheck at CVS, stocking up on these babies.” — Cindy Augustine, Entertainment Content Editor
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish In Comfort
“So, one of my favorite products of all time is a mineral powder called Mineralized Skinfinish by MAC. The shade I love, Comfort, is sadly discontinued. I loved the product because it was a lightweight powder (made of minerals) that gave my skin the most perfect, natural glow. I could wear it all by itself with no foundation, or I could wear it over my foundation and get compliments no matter what! Unfortunately, I haven't found a powder quite like it to go so perfectly with my caramel skin color. I've had it since about 2009, and I've been using a bit at a time because I'm not ready to let it go. It's almost gone, but, oh, what I would do to get it back!” — Ryen Williams, Associate PM/Producer
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Laura Mercier Lip Stain In Sugar Violet
"I blame Laura Mercier and this wonderful pot of lip pigment for causing me to break the cardinal sin of beauty editors: 'Thou shalt not hold on to products past their expiration dates.' So addicted am I to the sexy, lived-in stain I get from pressing this product into my lips that I've held onto it well past its point of no return. We're talking five-plus years here, people. Hey, if I could find something else that gave me the combo of gorgeous color, long-wearing power, lightweight feel, and all-around lip bad-assery, believe me, I would gladly switch it out. Laura, are you listening? Save me from myself, and bring back your Lip Stain — I'm a walking #beautyeditorfail because of this!" — Megan McIntyre, Beauty Director
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
L'Oréal Studio Line Pumping Curls
“It was, and remains, one of the best curl sprays I've ever used. I have no idea what was in it, and I suspect that it being the '90s, it wasn't anything botanical, organic, or natural. But, it gave my fine, curly hair a ton of non-sticky volume, and was also a great curl resuscitator — when the bottle was about 75% empty, I'd fill it with water and spray it like mad on my dry hair to bring back droopy waves.” — Anne-Marie Guarnieri, Deputy Editor, Fashion and Beauty
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
L’Occitane Blackberry Lip Balm
“L’Occitane blackberry lip balm!!! It was the perfect color, and as soon as I put it on, it made my skin look better, my teeth look white, and I swear my HAIR looked better. It wasn't goopy or too shiny, it was super-moisturizing, and it came in little tins so I could buy like five and always have one in my pocket. My life has been downhill ever since.” — Mikki Halpin, Editorial Director
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Spice Girls Impulse
"Still have the empty can in a box at my parents' house!" — Alice Tate, London Contributor
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Chanel Ombre D’Eau Fluid Eyeshadow
"I'd like to formally request that Chanel please stop playing games with my heart. Because, by launching so many amazing shades of their innovative fluid-based shadow, and then cruelly discontinuing it right as I got legit hooked on the sublime wash of shimmery color it left on my lids, they've left me trapped in a glass case of emotion, Ron Burgundy style." — Megan McIntyre, Beauty Director
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Caboodles Lip Gloss
“Omigosh. What I would give to put on Caboodles lip gloss one more time. It was high-shine, had colorful little balls in it, and didn’t last more than five minutes, but seventh-grader me thought I was killing it!” — Amanda Murray, Event Production Coordinator
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
GAP Green Grass
"When I was younger, it seemed like the only scent options for girls were flowery — or, put in Mean Girls terms, made me 'smell like a baby prostitute.' Green Grass was fresh, clean, and just a little bit offbeat. Although, in retrospect, I probably could have achieved the effect by just mowing the lawn every morning." — Elizabeth Kiefer, Entertainment News Writer
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo
“Okay, call me crazy, but I loved this vintage Herbal Essences shampoo. They discontinued it in the '90s (I think), so needless to say, I love it because it reminds me of my childhood. It has this musty, yet super-fresh and clean scent that I still dream about. Maybe because there is a picture of a naked woman taking a garden bath that my parents thought this stuff was biodegradable, so we kept it stocked in our outdoor shower over the summer. I would give anything, maybe even the $80 a bottle this stuff is going for on eBay, to get one more whiff.” — Amanda Johnson, Search-Marketing Assistant
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Bonne Bell Bottled Emotions
"During the rough teenage years, it was always a little difficult to identify how I felt. Luckily, there was a perfume for that. I remember grabbing the 'Daring' one before I told a boy I liked him at school. Who can remember how it smelled? But, in the moment, it was just what I needed." — Elizabeth Kiefer, Entertainment News Writer
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Black Cashmere Donna Karan
"This was the first time I ever dabbled in a 'sexy' scent. I was all about sweet florals until I took a whiff of this guy — and then, I was taken to the dark side. My fling with this warm, spicy, sensual perfume (kind of what you would imagine black cashmere to smell like) didn’t last long. It was discontinued shortly after we met, and I went back to my unadventurous fragrance ways. But, I certainly wouldn’t be against another rendezvous.” — Megan Cahn, Senior Beauty Editor
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Bourjois Body & Hair Spray Sparkle
"I discovered it from my best friend at the time. We would always go to her house to get ready for the 'club,' and the spray was the last thing we would put on and we would cover ourselves in it. I don't remember exactly what it smelled like, but when I think back to it, it was the best smell in the world next to Angel. No one else in our group of friends had it, and I never even owned it. So, we probably thought that we were the coolest, best-smelling girls in the club. Actually, we probably were. Side note: I'm not sure that I want it back, because I was 12 or 13 back then. But clearly, I can't forget how great it was." — Anna Sudit, Junior Designer
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Gloss
“I was crying tears of sadness when Bonne Bell announced they were shutting down operations. Thankfully, I still have my Dr. Pepper and Strawberry flavors, and an extra one of each in my makeup bag for when I'm feeling nostalgic and want a tried-and-true moisturizer for my lips (it surprisingly still works after all these years). I really miss being able to swap flavors with my middle school girlfriends and compare how many each of us collected (I wasn't too fond of Watermelon...). The memory will always be with me with each swipe. Though, I don't plan on using my extra Dr. Pepper one, ever.” — Jade Earle, Executive Assistant
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Aveda Deep Penetrating Hair Revitalizer Cherry Almond Bark
"Reddish-maroon hair was the epitome of '90s apathetic beauty. Kurt Cobain had it, Angela Chase had it, and so did I whenever I washed my locks with this color-infused conditioner from Aveda. It made me feel simultaneously edgy and fancy, as this brand was certainly a splurge for my teenage self. And, color aside, it did wondrous things for my hair. Luckily, my best friend worked at our local beauty store so I got a 'discount.'" — Megan Cahn, Senior Beauty Editor
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Classic Old Spice
“This one drives me crazy: Classic Old Spice! Yes, it exists, but the ‘classic’ is incredibly hard to find. People are even posting — in frustrated confusion — on the Old Spice website! It can’t be found anywhere! As a guy, I’m so frustrated settling for 'Fiji Surprise' or some crazy alternative to the original!” — Julian Wan, Brand Strategist, Experiential
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Bumble & Bumble Color Support High Shine Conditioner
"RIP, Bumble and bumble Color Support (Purple) Conditioner. They discontinued for today's Color Minded Shampoo and Conditioner, but their purple conditioner was so powerful, a dime-sized amount two times a week did the trick. It smelled amazing, too!" — Calvy Click, Fashion Writer, Brand Experiences
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Sonia Kashuk Eyeshadow Duo In True Love
“It had the perfect eyeshadow shades for just a touch of sun-kissed color on your lids. It was my go-to palette while traveling, and I don't know what I'll do when it's gone!” — Julie Bogen, Associate Social Media Editor
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Comb-Stretch Headband
"These classic '90s headbands were my ticket to looking at least a little hip during my high school soccer games. They kept my hair off my sweaty face — important. But, even more so, they pulled it back in those pieced-out sections that I thought looked so cool. When sporting a soccer uniform, flair is key. Maybe I'd wear one to the gym these days if I could?" — Megan Cahn, Senior Beauty Editor
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Rescue Beauty Lounge Ani
"Hands-down the most beautiful, chic shade of tan I've ever encountered, made fresh and fabulous thanks to a subtle shot of silver shimmer in the undertones. It sounds weird, but the warm against the cool just makes for such a flattering combo. Founder Ji Baek has been known to resurrect discontinued shades from the lacquer graveyard, so I'm holding out hope this one will rise from the dead — if it does, I'll be sure to stock up." — Megan McIntyre, Beauty Director
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
“Om from Gap was the first and last fragrance I ever fell in love with (I stopped wearing perfume after Om). It wasn't so pungent that my mom didn't let me wear it in high school, and it wasn't so sweet that I felt like it was baby stuff. Wearing it made me feel like a real grown-up at the time, and smelling it would probably bring back a flood of teenage emotions.” — Jinnie Lee, Contributing Market Editor
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
“No other storage for beauty products makes sense!” — Larissa Green, Social Media Editor
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Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
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