We Picked Your New Designer Obsession...Based On Your Favorite Designer Now

Photo: Courtesy of Longchamp.
You’re ride-or-die when it comes to your favorite fashion designer or label. That brand can be part of your identity the way your alma mater or hairstyle can be: It's one more sign that tells the world, "Hey — I've invested in this because I see myself in this. You get me?"

But if you've got a little more room in your heart (and closet) or — god forbid — your backbone label is shutting down, we think we can help find you an also-favorite. Ahead, six of the under-the-radar labels who are currently lighting our fires and also remind us a lot of our old standbys.
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Photo: Courtesy of Band of Outsiders.
If You Already Love: Band Of Outsiders...
Those who were part of Scott Sternberg's band of oddball L.A. preps knew that classics were always so much more fun if there was something off about them. We were hit with news that the brand was going under early last month and there was a mad rush to scoop up as many striped skirts, offbeat oxford shirts, and boxy blazers before they disappeared from store racks.
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Photo: Courtesy of Colenimo.
...You're Going To Really Love: Colenimo
But, Tokyo-born, London-based designer Aya Nakagawa takes many of the same tenets that made Band of Outsiders so special — classic foundations, clean constructions, delightfully awkward proportions — and gives them a global spin. Her designs have a pioneer-girl-in-Brooklyn feel about them, without looking trite. Plus, she and Sternberg both know the power of an ankle sock and chambray suit.
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Photo: Courtesy of Karen Walker.
If You Already Love: Karen Walker...
You shouldn't call yourself a fan of sunglasses unless you own at least one pair of Karen Walkers. Known for her instantly recognizable styles, wonderful collaborations, and face-flattering (but never boring) shapes, KW shades have earned their status as a cult item.
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Photo: Courtesy of Zanzan.
...You're Going To Really Love: Zanzan
Fun shapes? Check. Weird colorways and fun patterns? Check and check. Zanzan is the next big thing in quirky-girl frames and we're already hearing the brand name-checked by some of our favorite shady ladies.
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Photo: Courtesy of Celine.
If You Already Love: Céline
Phoebe Philo has been credited as a genius with what she's done while at Céline — and that's giving women exactly the kinds of comfortable, glamorous, luxe-looking clothes that ooze a very specific kind of sex appeal (the Tilda Swinton kind, not the Tila Tequila kind).
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Photo: Courtesy of Low Classic.
...You're Going To Really Love: Low Classic
Exploring that same world of easy, non-fussy, highly designed separates is Korean label Low Classic. Like Céline, the tailoring is perfection and the separates lend themselves to infinite mixing-and-matching possibilities. It's also got a '70s-meets-'90s practicality that makes this a brand that women around the world are surely going to want to collect.
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Photo: Courtesy of Alexander McQueen.
If You Already Love: Alexander McQueen...
For a designer who really thought outside of the box (or the body, or the runway, or the...), Alexander McQueen was the king of the avant-garde. Sarah Burton has carried on the legacy of creating regal-feeling, boundary-pushing designs that are just as much about showmanship as they are about subverting the status quo.
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Photo: Courtesy of Anrealage.
...You're Going To Really Love: Anrealage
If you were the kind of person that watched this video over and over in your fashion education, you're going to cry when you see the sorts of presentations that Kunihiko Morinaga puts on for his label. Fusing avant-garde shapes with futuristic fabric technology (past collections have included clothes that change color under UV rays and clothes that grew and shrank in length), the only thing better than Anrealage's clothes are the shows themselves.
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Photo: Courtesy of Saint James.
If You Already Love: Saint James...
You live in stripes. And if you've got discerning tastes, you live in Saint James stripes. They're the original, after all, and you can spot that slouchy shape, distinct color-to-white ratio, and neat, tight weave from a mile away.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kule.
...You're Going To Really Love: Kule
Kule's thing is stripes, too, and they've introduced their own special fits, details, and notes that give their bateau shirts, dresses, and sweaters a special, signature touch. Soon, you'll be getting as excited when you spot that blue-and-red bar as you do when you see that white arm tab.
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Photo: Courtesy of Acne.
If You Already Love: Acne...
There are certain brands that are always one step ahead of the zeitgeist, and Acne is one of them. They're at once preppy, hip-hop, minimal, maximal, severe, and soft. They're fifty contradictions all rolled into one brand, but for whatever reason, it always looks great.
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Photo: Courtesy of Eckhaus Latta.
...You're Going To Really Love: Eckhaus Latta
Same goes for indie label Eckhaus Latta. Designed by Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, the clothes would be described by your boring college roommate as "weird," and that would be the ultimate compliment. With notes of nostalgia woven through modern ideas, this label makes separates that are incredibly cool.
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Photo: Courtesy of Longchamp.
If You Already Love: Longchamp...
Longchamp makes one of the best basic totes, hands-down, and while you might have loved them for its collectability and fun colorways when you were younger, you love them now for its anonymity and classic design.
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Photo: Courtesy of Skagen.
...You're Going To Really Love: Skagen
Skagen is not a new brand. Like Longchamp, it has a rich history. The Danish brand does a fantastic job with creating the perfect brand-less carryall that holds everything with room to spare — and looks good doing it.