Instagram's Newest Hashtag Movement: The #Fatkini

Photo: Via @mskristine.
Fatkini. Out of all the social media buzzwords out there, it's one of the most polarizing expressions — simultaneously causing anger and delight. Like us, there are many who consider it an empowering term, as evident in the over 22,000 pictures on Instagram. Many of the 'grammers discuss body love, fears, and hopes — they aren't just inspiring because of their beauty and radiating confidence, but also because they serve as role models for those who are learning to love themselves, regardless of whatever perceived imperfections that antiquated beauty standards push.

In that spirit, we wanted to share with you some of the stunning #fatkini photos we found on Instagram to inspire you to shake off any fashion fears and love your beach body.
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Photo: Via @studiomucci.
Who said you can't wear a swimsuit to a garden party? Studiomucci rocks her coordinated pastel locks with a complementary kimono in a bouquet of swim style.
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Photo: Via @mskristine.
Mskristine shows off her banging beach body with a cotton candy pink Monif C. creation.
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Photo: Via @oldfamiliarway.
Oldfamiliarway proves that flower power is the best way to dress up any pastel two-piece.
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Photo: Via @elizabethtaylorplus.
Elizabethtaylorplus gives surf style a whirl for an athleisure look that is totally off the hook.
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Photo: Via @kellyaugustineb.
Kellyaugustineb pairs two contrasting, yet complementary, blue pieces to create her fantasy fatkini.
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Revolutionaryinpinkpumps strikes her best Sports Illustrated swimsuit model pose in a classic monochromatic fatkini.
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It's as clear as black and white that Igotthisforburritos' two-tone look is a perfect example of summer chic.
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Photo: Via @idaho_amy.
We're just dotty over Idaho_amy's adorable polka dot two-piece — and those heart-shaped sunnies are just a lovely touch.
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You can almost feel the breeze in your hair when you gaze at Beautywithplus_bysusie's Sicilian swimsuit shot.
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Photo: Via @glitterandlazers.
Does it sting that Glitterandlazers looks electrifying in her Swimsuitsforall jellyfish-print fatkini?