Made-In-America Father's Day Gifts

He's your right-hand man, one of the most important dudes in your life, and the guy you have to thank for your infinite wisdom. So, this Father's Day, Dad deserves a thoughtful gift that reflects the good taste he's instilled in you. (In other words, step away from the lame tie section.)
We enlisted Wesley Verhoeve of GNTLMN, a site that collaborates with local craftspeople to bring you handmade accessories and home goods, to find meaningful wares — all made in the U.S.A. Because, what better way to show Pop he means the world to you than with a one-of-a-kind present from close to home? Ahead, you'll find Verhoeve's picks, including cool office gear, utilitarian gadgets, and more. Get ready; you're about to make Papa real proud.
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Colorado's Topo Designs knows how to make a backpack that's both stylish and highly functional.
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GNTLMN and Throne Watches combine gorgeous, antique watch faces from the 1950s with brand-new, hand-cut, leather straps to update your dad's wrist game.
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Nice kids don't let their fathers go to the beach in the same old britches.
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Framing his favorite vinyl is out. Having a 9-year-old artist draw it in Magic Markers is in.
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Pencils. With words on them. They're awesome.
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An antiqued, authentic zippo with hand-etched embellishments — perfect.
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This small-batch tonic is just the update his liquor cabinet needs.
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There's no doubt a handmade tie is better than a store-bought option.
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How cool is Dad going to look carrying this gorgeous, leather tote, which was handmade in a tiny, Texas town?
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Pop just got an Instagram account and has long been posting photos to Facebook. Help him impress his friends and improve his picture quality tenfold with an online class full of helpful tips.
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Enhance and protect his iPad with this classy, leather case that was handcrafted in Charleston, South Carolina.
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Your coffee-loving father will appreciate Denver-based Huckleberry Roasters' fragrant house blend. Combine it with the brand's KeepCup for a complete set.
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Remind him of his scholarly days with a beautiful, hand-pinned, framed insect for his study or office.
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Michael Moran's gorgeous, charred, conical lamp will add a bit of style to any office or bedroom.
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Whether he's from the South or simply appreciates the good life, Dad will definitely enjoy this book.