12 Aww-Inducing Video Tutorials Of Dads Doing Their Daughters' Hair

You can put the word "dad" before just about anything to make it seem less cool. Dad sneakers. Dad pants. Dad jokes. You get it. The implication is that pops is always doing something slightly silly. Every kid, at some point, has uttered the phrase "Dad, you're so embarrassing."
But, what happens when you have a dad hair tutorial? As it turns out, YouTube is chock full of videos of men doing their daughters' hair. And, they're just plain magical.
Ahead, check out 12 hilarious, heartwarming, and kind of genius tutorials. Watch them, then go call your own father and thank him for never using the vacuum cleaner on your head.
The Vacuum Ponytail
If another human approached my head with a vacuum cleaner extension, I would probably say, "I'm gonna stop you riiiiiight there." But, when you are a child and still see your parents as gods, you do not question this tactic.
The Ponytail, But With Bangs Involved
This dad is really into the play-by-play. This is especially helpful for those who have never worked with bangs before. He will not, however, show you how to use a bobby pin, as they are "complicated."
The Sock Bun
"Step one: Clean the sock." Spoiler alert: The final minute is of the daughter dancing. I'm not mad at it.
The Classic Braid
This dad doesn't say much, but you won't mind that when you hear the amusing commentary from the kid.
The Flip-Through
IT IS LIKE A SALON. HE EVEN GIVES HER A MAGAZINE. Also, he calls this style "like a French braid for dads."
The Assisted Prehistoric Look
In which a father learns to use a special tool to give his daughter a Pebbles Flintstone look.
Combing 101
This guy's taking it back to basics. Watch as he demonstrates the art of combing. You can sympathize when he discovers that No More Tangles shampoo is not actually the end of tangles.
Vacuum Ponytail: The Remix
Here's a fresh take on the vacuum ponytail that will have you asking, "Turn down for what?"
The Fishtail With Feelings
A fishtail-braid tutorial that doubles as an instructional manual on getting your daughter to open up.

The Daddy Style
It's essentially the half-up look with a flower elastic. Word of warning: Do NOT spray your child in the face with hair product.
The Princess Twist
She calls it "The Princess Twist." We call it really freakin' smart.
The...Twisted Bun?
The ultimate lazy-girl tutorial, courtesy of an equally lazy dad. Respect.

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