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This Is What Ageless Style Looks Like

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    Ari Seth Cohen has changed the way we think about getting older. And, we're not talking miracle face creams and retirement savings plans. Instead, he's introduced us to a world of ladies so irreverent and stylish, it's only with a second glance that we notice they are a certain age. Specifically, 60 years old and over.

    But, in their turbans, statement jewels, and boas, the women of Advanced Style represent so much more than an age bracket. With their big-time glamour and artful blends of color, they're testaments to the power of personal style and importance of celebrating individual quirkiness. More importantly, this group of women understands that growing older opens more doors — perhaps even closet doors? — than it closes. Like Lanvin campaigns, for example.

    There may be no better celebration of superior-with-age style than Cohen's upcoming documentary, but we think the photos ahead are certainly a start. Click on for our one-on-ones with the coolest style stars we know.

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