Lulu Frost Brings Back Glam (With Help From Bobbi Brown)

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    By now, it's no secret that we're pretty darn obsessed with Lisa Salzer and her insanely gorgeous jewelry line, Lulu Frost. Salzer is an example of a designer that not only is able to turn out consistently gorgeous, innovative pieces, but also becomes best friends (genuinely) with just about every person she meets. Her creative, brilliant energy is infectious, which is obvious from the amazing collaborations and partnerships that Lulu Frost has had over the years (bonjour, J.Crew!).

    Lisa's latest endeavor for spring 2013 is Let's Bring Back by Lulu Frost, inspired by the book by the same name by Lesley M. M. Blume. After contributing to Blume's book, Lisa and Lesley realized that their mutual obsession with the idea of making old things new could be translated into a jewelry line. Inspired by three of the icons from Let's Bring Back — Marchesa Casati, Nancy Cunard, and Elsa Schiaparelli — Lisa, along with Lesley and stylist Jennifer Collins of vintage retailer Pink Clouds put together a three-part collection that "brings back" the style that these ladies were known for, while also creating modern pieces that speak to the contemporary woman.

    While she is undoubtedly an authority in the jewelry world, Lisa is also a beauty maven who was determined to bring the personalities of the three muses to life in a modern way through the models' hair and makeup looks. Stylist Jessie James for Marie Robinson Salon created the fabulous hairstyles, while the great Bobbi Brown herself, with lead makeup artist Cassandra Garcia, created looks that were retro-bold, yet also completely wearable. What resulted was a collaboration where jewelry, beauty, and fashion collided to bring the opulence of the past to the future — and in true Lulu fashion, it was nothing short of exquisite.

    We were fortunate enough to spend time with both Lisa and Bobbi Brown backstage before the presentation (held at the Gatsby-esque Carlyle Hotel); click through to see what they had to say (and gawk at some drop-dead jewels while you're at it).

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