Men's Accessory Stalking! 30 Snaps From NYFW

While Sak's might not have dedicated an entire zip code to men's shoes, and the bag department at Barneys isn't exactly bursting for the fellas, that doesn't mean NYC guys don't know how to accessorize the hell out of New York Fashion Week.
Forget Célines, Proenzas, and Wangs — we skipped the purse porn and focused on a few dudes' major details, from tons and tons of backpack swag to slick totes, and even, yes, the elusive folio. Plus, we zoomed in on all the other guy accessories that caught our eyes, including cameras, camos, and, of course, shoes of all styles. Click through to see 30 snaps of NYFW's best dressed lads' epic accessories — even without the extra retail acreage, these boys are killing it.
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Comfy, cool Cole Haans going the distance.
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Nick Wooster's standout shades.
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Tartan backpacks — the perfect accoutrement for the urban trapper, obviously.
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When in doubt, cuff the pant and wear a striped sock.
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It's all in the details: David Kezafrika rocks an orange rose collar pin.
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Umbrellas are the new purses.
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Not neccessarily easy to open.
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Slick satchel!
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Hat, bag, ascot, camera, oh my!
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What goes better with a turtleneck than these sunnies?
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Slam dunk(s).
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Subtle. But, we're not hating it.
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The camo trend ain't dying out yet.
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Nice color-blocking.
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Hey, it's not a clutch — it's a folio. (Sounds so much more masculine, right?)
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These gloves have to be hard to keep clean.
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The guy's answer to a Birkin.
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Who doesn't need a quilted suit?
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Hiking boots for the Fashion Week mountains.
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Nothing is more timeless than your grandfather's Rolex. #swag
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Vintage backpacks — you wore that in middle school, right?
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Standing at the edge of the NYFW abyss.
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Pinning, literally.
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David Thielebeule tops his monochrome coat with a colorful scarf.
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Can't stop obsessing over Yvan Rodic's camera.
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Big glasses, big look.
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Keds and yellow socks are always a good way to chase the gray away.
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Oh, damn, another backpack. But...with birds!
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Snowflakes and wedges make for a tricky situation.
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Camo, moto jacket, plaid, extra-massive camera — this dude's checking off all the trends.