The 10 Items That'll Save Your Closet

Most likely, your closet is split between "show ponies" and "work horses." Half of your clothes consist of the peacock-y pieces you have a hard time wearing more than once a year, and the other half is filled with the reliable basics that don't let you down — but they don't do anything to make you feel like a fashion plate, either. However, once in a blue moon, there'll be a piece that's both a looker and a hard worker, easy to wear but also able to elevate your existing looks to Favorite Outfit status.
These 10 magical pieces will save your skin time and time again. Click on to see what they are and just how they'll dial up your outfits instantly.
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1. The Statement Necklace — Sure, these look great with cocktail dresses and fancy tops, but they're even better when dressing up a plain vintage tee and chunky-knit sweater.
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2. The Leather Jacket — It doesn't matter how much money you're spending on a leather jacket, but once you find the perfect cut, texture, and shape, bite the bullet and go for it. A leather jacket gives any outfit some teeth, no matter how sweet it started out.
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3. The Sleeveless Blazer — Feeling a little less than pulled together? We guarantee that throwing a sleeveless blazer on over whatever you're wearing will instantly streamline it. Sweats and a tee? A smock dress that's a tad shapeless? A sleeveless blazer can correct most levels of shlub.
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4. The Made-For-You Jean — Jeans shopping is a pain in the butt, but when you find a pair that truly looks made for you (even if that includes a trip to the tailor to actually get it made for you), it can change the way you get dressed for good. It'll make the simplest of items look not lazy and chic in a minimalist way.
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5. The Quirky Pump — Worn with cropped trousers, a plain LBD, or another simple piece, a fanciful pair of pumps is an unexpectedly glamorous shoe choice, especially with casual outfits. It's all about that mix!
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6. The Oversized Clutch Bag — Tuck a structured clutch under your arm, even for that quick trip downstairs for coffee. Even if the rest of your look is more ho-hum than oh-whoa, it'll liven things up pretty quickly!
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7. The Statement Glasses — Need glasses? Be sure your frames make a strong fashion statement. If your eyes are the windows to your soul, why wouldn't you want to frame them with something pretty to look through?
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8. The Patterned Topcoat — For evidence of the power of a patterned topcoat, just check out this e-commerce image. A white shirt, black pants, and black booties aren't really anything to write home about...but the coat makes this easy-to-pull-together combo feel purposefully spartan.
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9. Mismatched Earrings — A mismatched set (or two or three, depending on how many piercings you have!) will definitely stand out in a good way.
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10. The Metallic Oxford — Metallic colors like gold, bronze, and silver go with any other color palette from pastels to jewel tones to royals. But, unlike neutrals, these don't just blend in. Consider this the visual equivalent of Sriracha — it makes everything better!