We Asked: 10 Trends Men Hate (And Why You Should Keep Wearing Them)

With all the man-repelling styles that we fashion enthusiasts are so gung-ho about these days, it's worth circling around and seeing just how those repelled men are doing. We're lovers here, not fighters, and if there are any scorched male eyeballs out there, we want to offer our condolences (but not exactly a switch-up in our style). We had AskMen.com fashion editor Sachin Bhola give us his list of the styles that, in his words, "women think look hot, but men think are not." His comments (and ours, too) ahead.
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Menswear-Inspired Anything — "According to Refinery29’s magic 8 ball, 2012 calls for baseball caps, loose-fit jeans and longer shorts styles. Well, finally, we’re getting what we always wanted: girls who look like boys."

We say: Girls, feel free to look like boys, men, babies, orangutans, whatever. We're excited that the biggest trends of next year are fuss-free and perfect for adventure-having. What's wrong with that?

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Neon Makeup — "Listen, the only time we’re happy to see you wearing fluorescent gunk on your face is when we stumble in at 4:30 a.m., are too tired to find the light switch and use your Fanta-orange lips as our guide in the dark. Speaking of which, thanks for last Tuesday."

We say: If you're still up partying at 4:30 in the morning, get it, girl. However, if you're fast asleep, it's a beauty faux pas to sleep in your makeup, so what are you doing sleeping with your lipstick on? Also, if you're dating a guy who comes home to you and then thanks you the next week for any nighttime hanky panky, we would suggest reevaluating said relationship.

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Cray High Heels — "We’re going to be honest for a moment: Not all of us are over 6’0” tall, and that bothers us. You may think looking like a giraffe is sexy, but all that’s doing is rubbing it in. And you wonder why we don’t approach your freakishly tall ass at the club."

We say: If you can't walk in your heels, that's a problem. But if your heels are the first filter to keep bros with low self-esteem and a penchant for grade-school name calling at bay, that's a bonus.

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Maxi Everything — "Remember the last time we complimented you on your amazing legs? Neither do we. With maxi dresses, long skirts, and ’70s wide-legged trousers, you may as well stop shaving."

We say: We're not sure if wide-legged shorts are a thing (sorry, Sachin), but long skirts are a current trend that we're all still pretty into just, not the least because it makes us feel like swirly, sultry princess ladies.

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Granny — "With all the lace we’re seeing, and with girls dying their hair gray (WHAT?), looking up to Tavi Gevinson as a style icon, and embracing American Apparel looks gone horribly, horribly wrong, we’re not sure if we should kiss you or help you cross the street."

We say: Everyone knows that older ladies are basically style gods. Haven't you heard of Advanced Style?

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Boyfriend Blazers — "We’d never dip into your closet. And you wouldn’t want us to. So, why are you in ours — and what makes you think we’d want you to be there? If we’re running late in the morning and reach out to grab our go-to navy double-breasted blazer only to find that the sleeves are stretched out from you rolling them up, the collar smells like perfume and the waist has some belt imprint – well, that’s not cool."

We say: Sachin actually brings up a good point here: Don't borrow your clothes from your boyfriend, roommate, sister, whoever without making sure it's okay to do so. Common courtesy is important! But why are you borrowing boyfriend blazers anyway when there are such chic ones on the market, and the thrift stores are packed with 'em?

Photo: Via Browns / Stella McCartney
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Big Shoulders — When we’re jealous that your shoulders are broader than ours, there’s a problem.

We say: Hey, no one said guys couldn't wear broad shoulders, too.

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Hipster Excess — Speaking of American Apparel, we’re okay with you thinking Lana Del Rey looks good (we do, too), but we’re not okay with you carrying ironic lunch boxes when you visit us at work. You wouldn’t believe how we explained that one to our boss.

We say: Thank you for allowing us to like Lana Del Rey, guys (really appreciate it, really), but don't hate us because we're dressing in trends you're not into yet. You're welcome in advance for not making fun of you when you're trying out the same trends we did, a year too late.

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Avant Garde Shapes — We know the Jil Sander brand has interesting, cerebral designs, but when we actually see those strict, minimal lines on women, we just don’t get it.

We say: Did someone get scared after watching The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, or something? Though avant-garde designs are definitely not the easiest to wear, women who are brave enough to rock them should be applauded. Plus, if you ask them nicely, we're sure they'd explain anything you guys don't understand, too.

Photo Via Totokaelo / Jil Sander
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Glamazon — We’re not suggesting that women try to look hot in a clichéd way, because the fact of the matter is a glorified Peg Bundy – towering hair, animal prints, a Real Housewives of Fill In The Blank look – doesn’t float our boat, either.

We say: Sure, we don't want you to look like a bimbo either (we're talking about the facial expression, here), but the fact of the matter is that getting dolled up is one of the most fun parts of playing with fashion. Whether you take that to mean stealing inspiration from Diane Kruger, David Bowie, Lady Gaga, or Peg Bundy, that's your prerogative.

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