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35 NEW Fashion Ideas To Try

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    Designed by Sydney Hass; Photo: Courtesy of Christopher Kane.



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    You've probably had those flick-the-switch moments when suddenly your closet feels like it's full of potential again (even if you haven't gone shopping in months). It could be something as simple as seeing a magic fashion fairy a few seats down on the subway, or spotting a really, really good collection by your favorite designer. One second, you can't stand even thinking of the rows of same old shirts and basic, blah pants. The next, you've canceled your plans after work to head home and try out all the visions of amazingness dancing around in your head. Shirts? Pants? We didn't mean those things we said…

    Sure, inspiration is everywhere these days. But, that doesn't mean you can spend your time just constantly looking out for it. So, in between your daily hustles, take a moment to consider some of the brand-new fashion concepts we've culled from the recent resort shows. Some might set off a new way to wear your basics, or rejigger a staple styling trick, others are just plain weird (but interesting, nonetheless). Take a look at the 35 most aha! ideas we found in the latest collections — your Eureka moment might be in there.

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A Ferris Wheel Proposal At Coachella Led To This

After Erick proposed to Mara on top of the Ferris wheel at Coachella in 2013, they quickly decided a Palm Springs venue would be just right. Two Pinterest boards (here + here), seven months, and a little rare Palm Springs rain later, they had this rad, artsy Ace Hotel wedding. Thanks to Nick Radford for the photos below. read


The Tomboy Way To Do Throw-On-&-Go

You've heard us wax poetic about the easy styling qualities of dresses for months. Whether it's an LBD or a floral dress, these wardrobe all-stars have earned their fashion stripes. But, now, it's a tomboy staple that's getting our praise: overalls. A tried-and-true dressing hack that had a renaissance this summer, read