29 Styling Tricks That Look $$$, But Cost Close To Nothing

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Would you believe us if we told you that you could make your clothing look three times more expensive using no money at all? It's true — tugging something off your shoulder just so, pairing certain socks with unexpected shoes, or a clever layering trick can take even the most basic, $6 clothing items and make them look like a million bucks. The runways this season had us scheming up endless ways to do just that.

So, instead of going out to buy a whole new wardrobe in an effort to keep up with the trends, allow the looks ahead to serve as your styling thesaurus, full of new ways to wear those same old items. We promise, people will be pestering you for the origins of your outfits all the time thanks to these tools. Designer wardrobe? Pretty expensive. Designer styling tricks, however? Simultaneously free and priceless.
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Wear your trench tugged down off your shoulders and belted tight.

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Layer a crop top over a contrasting blouse, then tuck that into some low-slung pants for a peek-a-boo effect at your midsection.

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Take your cold-shoulder top to the next level by wearing a bright layer underneath.

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Or, throw on a clashing pattern that peeks through the shoulder openings.

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Wear your handbag tight across your body so that it sits nestled under your armpit (hey, it's a great way to ward off pick-pockets).

Proenza Schouler
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We saw endless ways to wear a fur stole that can be replicated with just about any scarf. First up: Tie it across your upper body.

Brock Collection
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Wear it peeking out from a wrapped robe coat.

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Drape it over one shoulder like you just don't care.

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Dust off that peplum top and wear it over a knee-length dress.

Giambattista Valli
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Make a fashion sandwich by wearing two same-color pieces and breaking it up with a contrasting hue.

Michael Kors
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Never underestimate the good old half-tuck.

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Tying your sweater around your waist is officially cool again; just wear the knot a bit off to one side.

J. Crew
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Wear nothing but bare skin under a blazer, then pile on some statement accessories tucked under the lapels.

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Purposely button your jacket wrong (and you get brownie points for some extra-long sleeves underneath).

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Or, just button one button and let the jacket do its thing.

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Third option: Wear a bomber half on, half off.

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Finally, try letting it hang just from your wrists.

Christopher Kane
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You probably haven't thought of layering two miniskirts over each other — preferably a solid-colored wrap skirt over a printed one.

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And you thought you could only wear a belt around your hips.

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Stick a colored turtleneck under a button-up shirt, with the cuffs undone to really let it shine through.

Creatures of the Wind
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We've always been fans of dresses over pants, but try unzipping a zip-front dress over oversized trousers (and saying that five times fast).

Adam Selman
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Or, unbutton your top or sweater-dress halfway to let your bellybutton peek through.

Louis Vuitton
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Stick a cropped and tight bandeau top over an unexpected graphic long-sleeve tee.

Baja East
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Unzip a dress and scrunch up the sleeves to let some sparkle show from underneath.

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Play with proportions by wearing a shirt-dress or tunic over pants, and then a sweater overtop.

Creatures of Comfort
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Think you can't wear tall boots with a calf-length dress? Think again.

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Get matchy-matchy-matchy by coordinating your tights to the rest of your look.

Arthur Arbesser
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Dress down a floor-length gown by wearing an oversized turtleneck on top.

Perret Schaad
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Take scissors to the elbows of an old sweater to give it new life...and major layering potential.

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