Fashion Pumpkins! Which Gourd Gets The Gold?

If you think our nail art DIYs are impressive, you should see what we can do with a pumpkin…. 'Tis the season for Halloween decorations, and we're definitely not the scarecrows-'n'-mechanical-ghost types. However, with a little creativity and some extra-strength glue, we're game to turn tired Halloween standbys into a DIY we can be proud of... and even wear! We asked the craftiest peeps in our office to spend the weekend carving out their niches (if you will). Ahead, the prime picks from the R29 pumpkin patch…won't you tell us which fashion pumpkin is your favorite, please? Make sure you get to the last slide to vote!
Artist Name: Amanda Keiser (Reserve Copy Editor)
Pumpkin Name: "Jack-O-Louis."
Inspiration: "Logos! Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas is so iconic that those charming little symbols speak for themselves — even on a pumpkin. Plus, the brown-and-orange combo is super Halloween-y."
Materials Needed: "A large pumpkin, acrylic paint, leather craft ribbon, and a Pumpkin Master Kit from K-Mart."
Time It Took: "Four hours."
Will The Trend Or The Pumpkin Rot First? "LV's signature Monogram Canvas has been alive and well since 1896, so my money's on the Pumpkin going first. I'll miss you, Jack-O-Louis!"
Artist Name: Viona Wang (Editorial Intern), with concept and direction from Kristian Laliberte (Senior Editor) and Annie Georgia Greenberg (New York Editor). 
Pumpkin Name: "Cinderella's Crystallized Chariot."
Inspiration: "We were channeling Cinderella's "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" moment, when her fairy godmother transforms her pumpkin into a super-stylin' carriage — all silver and glittery and glowing. Instead of the royal palace, our princess-in-waiting is on her way to the glammest disco ever, and she better be wearing Cavalli. (Plus, when her ride shrinks down, she'll still have some leftover bling)."
Materials Needed: "Mini-pumpkin, silver spray paint, super glue, a pair of tweezer, plus hundreds of Swarovski Elements." 
Time It Took: "Seven hours."
Will The Trend Or The Pumpkin Rot First? "As far as we're concerned, jewels never go out of style. Cinderella got her prince, didn't she?"
Artist Name: Lisa Dionisio (Production Editor)
Pumpkin Name: "The PUMPkin."
Inspiration: "Shoe stalking! Particularly the Miu Miu Glitter Booties, Alexander Wang Anais Tasseled Loafers, and the Proenza Schouler Multi-Colored Sandals."
Materials Needed: "A big pumpkin, serrated knife, spoon, paint (or nail polish if you're in a pinch), ballpoint pen, sharpie, and acetone."
Time It Took: "Six hours."
Will The Trend Or The Pumpkin Rot First? "The pumpkin, of course! Who doesn't love shoes?"
Artist Name: Lisa Eppich (Editorial Production Assistant)
Pumpkin Name: "I've been trying to make a portmanteau out of Anna Wintour and Pumpkin but the only good one I came up with was the Star Wars-esque Annakin Pumptour."
Inspiration: "This was the first idea that came to my mind when we were discussing the fashion pumpkins concept. I wanted to make something three-dimensional and realistic-looking, but I also wanted to keep some of the traditional jack-o-lantern vibe by exaggerating her features a little bit. The pumpkin's shape was perfect for Anna's bob, and her trademark smirk is just creepy enough for the Halloween spirit."
Materials Needed: "A large pumpkin, a linoleum cutter with different heads, and woodcutting tools."
Time It Took: "About three hours."
Will The Trend Or The Pumpkin Rot First? "Please, Anna will never go out of style."
Artist Name: Christy Kurtz (Photo Editor)
Pumpkin Name: "Missoni Madness."
Inspiration: "Missoni's spring '12 swimsuits."
Materials Needed: "One large pumpkin, different colors of paint, and a very small paintbrush."
Time It Took: "A loooong time. You have to wait for the bottom to dry, then the top, then the whole thing, before you paint the black parts. I'd say…12 hours?"
Will The Trend Or The Pumpkin Rot First? "Missoni proved that even after decades, their wares still can cause suburban moms to riot in Target. I'd say the pumpkin goes first!"
Artist Name: Christy Kurtz (Photo Editor)
Pumpkin Name: "Glitter and Gold."
Inspiration: "Miu Miu's Gold Glitter Oro sneakers (with glitter and jewels)."
Materials Needed: "Mod Podge, gold glitter, a paint brush, jewels, and super glue."
Time It Took: "Three hours (plus glitter/mod podge dry time)."
Will The Trend Or The Pumpkin Rot First? "I think Dorothy's red glitter slippers make a good case for the staying power of these."
Artist Name: Christy Kurtz (Photo Editor)
Pumpkin Name: "Studkin."
Inspiration: "Balmain's spring '11 studded jacket."
Materials Needed: "Black paint, two sizes of gold nails, and a mini pumpkin."
Time It Took: "Five minutes (plus paint-drying time). Editor's note: Five minutes if you're Christy. Try an hour if you're a plebeian, like the rest of us.
Will The Trend Or The Pumpkin Rot First? "The pumpkin! Studs and spikes will always be around."
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