Fashion Pumpkins! 7 Gourds Get Facelifts

You can bet that when decorative-gourd season touches down, we get a bit competitive. But, with an arsenal of paints, scalpels, scoopers, carvers, and candles, our most mighty tool is actually our illustrator friends. You already recognize their work from all over the site, but today we asked these creatives to swap their pixels and Photoshop for a pumpkin. Click through to see the seven gourds that passed through their studios — and tell us, which one puts a grin on your face?
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Illustrated by Rachel Domm.
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Illustrated by Niky Roehreke.
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Illustrated by Chloe Daley.
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Carved by Joana Avillez.
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Illustrated by Chloe Daley.
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Illustrated by Ammiel Mendoza.
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Carved by Alexandra Citrin.