Rock-Solid Pieces With Split Personalities

Sometimes, it's hard to choose whether you want to be sweet or spicy, traditional or modern, or girly or tomboyish…but nowadays, with designers having as intense split personalities as you do, it's possible to embrace all your sides. We've found a few pieces that manage to combine trends and references like a recipe for stew. Please note — you can have it all!
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A Jewel-Encrusted Sneaker

Miu Miu Sneakers, $595, available at Miu Miu.
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A Moto Jacket That's Accented In Lace

Free People Eyelet Jacket, $148, available at Bloomingdale's.
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A Scuba-Inspired Tea Dress

ASOS BLACK Neoprene Laser Cut Waisted Dress, $214.86, available at ASOS.
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Future-Forward Florals
It’s not every day that you can gracefully combine the hints of hard-edged futurism with one of fashion's most traditional, femme trends. But, oh, just look what EDUN did with this weave-print belted shirtdress. Sure, it has a delicate texture and a suggestion of gauzy gowns from the past, but the bold colors and daring cut are straight out of tomorrow. Whichever, the future is looking very colorful all of a sudden.

Shop the Weave Print Belted Shirtdress at

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A T-Shirt Made Of Structured Leather

Warehouse Cutwork Leather T-shirt, $107, available at Warehouse.
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A Tweed Jacket That's Anything But Stodgy

Rag & Bone Biker Jacket, $595, available at Les Nouvelles.