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7 Fashion Mistakes You'll Regret Forever

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    Ask anyone: There's nothing like a rule to make us want to break the rules. We're clothing contrarians through and through, and proving that we can flip a "don't" into a "do" is one of our great joys of getting dressed in the morning. And, if you're the type to consider phrases like "No white after Labor Day" and "Don't mix black and blue" as jokes and not helpful styling tips, you know what we're talking about. Any guideline that makes you feel like you can do less with your clothes instead of more is one that deserves an #unfollow.

    That said, there are still some ways of dressing that truly feel antithetical to our whole philosophy on fashion. Clothes should make you feel more empowered, more beautiful, more sophisticated, and more free — not sloppy, bland, weak, or (and, yes, this happens) racist. Anything that does is almost, well, evil. So, we rounded up the style tips you should never take — think of these as the seven deadly sins of fashion. And, avoid them at any cost.

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