13 Fashion Instagram Feeds We Can't Stop Scrolling Through

Photo via @rstheory.
Once upon a time, Instagram was a place for photos of your significant other's dog, your new wall art, and your feet in the sand. That is, until fashion came around and monopolized the social media app as a destination for #OOTDs, #shoefies, and #evachenposes.

But, this is 2016. And the world of fashion on Instagram has gone far beyond the few popular hashtags and bloggers you're used to seeing. People are finding artful new ways to celebrate style on the platform (ways that aren't mirror selfies and #ad posts), whether it's through collaged mash-ups of popular campaigns or compilations of fashion and food imagery.

To freshen up the list of people you follow, the intriguing, internet-y treasures ahead are guaranteed to switch things up. Click on to discover 13 of the artsy new fashion instagrammers we're double-tapping on the daily.
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Photo via @avanope.
The luxury-logo obsessed will get a kick out of these quirky combos and tongue-in-cheek adaptations. Whether turning a chip bag into what looks like a designer accessory or sipping from a Louis Vuitton tea set, this page's off-beat posts are full of pleasant surprises; don't say we didn't warn you if it makes you want Chanel balloons at your next birthday party.
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Photo via @rstheory.
Nothing will make you double-tap quite as fast as this artist's vibrant collages. Using images from magazines like Nylon, W, and Marie Claire, Patrick Keohane creates saturated, high-impact collages that will make you consider picking up a pair of scissors for yourself. His is a colorful, maximalist world we'd totally want to live in.
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Photo: Via @daytimedrawing.
You haven't seen #OOTDs quite like this before. Dani's youthful illustrations will add a daily dose of cute to your morning scroll. Her colorful-yet-simplistic illustration and quirky taste in styling will have you looking at your closet in an entirely new way.
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Photo via @paridust.
Blogger Pari Ehsan has a way of styling fashion shoots that mirror the art she poses in front of. Talk about a double whammy. And, she's one of the few curated pages that actually produces all of the photos she posts. We've tried to mimic her style on our weekend museum visits, but it just never turns out quite the same.
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Photo via @kalen_hollomon.
Meet fashion's favorite collage artist, Kalen Hollomon, whose done work for the likes of Tanya Taylor and Vogue. These creations will likely make you feel slightly uncomfortable, but that's exactly what we love about them. There's just something so perfectly wrong about placing a Proenza logo over a giant hot dog, no?
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Photo via @fffzine.
Fashion and food collide on this mouthwatering feed that makes us realize just how many runway looks resemble Frappucinos. Other realizations at this page's photo compilations include: 1. Eating a banana looks three times more chic while wearing a tulle skirt; 2. Grocery aisles make for cool photo backdrops; 3. Only Gisele could look this badass while cracking an egg.
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It's amazing what an X-acto knife can do to some editorial photography. While collage artist Adam Hale doesn't take the photos he uses himself, he does take pieces of London's free magazines and makes them all his own. His combinations create surreal, mind-bending productions that will leave you mesmerized.
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Photo via @artlexachung.
We've been fans of this clever account for a few years, and our love still holds strong. Because really, what's better than images of Alexa Chung paired split-screen style with coordinating classic paintings? It's impressive how similar some of these match-ups are, and we can only imagine the amount of photo and art research it takes to get these pairings so consistently on-point.
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For style with substance, follow this account for the scoop on what cool girls are wearing, listening to, reading, and more. The feed is a mix of inspirational photos and portraits they take themselves, so get ready to take notes on cool brands to check out, albums to buy, and beauty products to try.
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Photo via @beyondthemag.
This destination is a forward-thinking, editorial-driven, color-explosion Insta for anyone who loves a good midday visual pick-me-up. It's a mix of page owner Sophia Mack's own work on editorial shoots and existing photos that align with her color-filled style. On afternoons when your creative juices just aren't flowing, take a look at this bank of color, pattern, and style to get them going.
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Photo via @thecartorialist.
You'll fall in love with Carly Kuhn's distinct illustration style and get a fresh perspective on Fashion Week and beyond. She's always on the pulse of pop culture and creating sketches that feel super of-the-moment — if there's a red carpet, you bet she's drawing up her favorite looks (and yes, she already sketched out a few looks from Beyoncé's Lemonade film).
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If you don't believe that fashion is everywhere, allow this page to prove you wrong. The feed compares runway and editorial images to art, photography, nature, and more. And though this is another creation where the person posting didn't actually take the photos being shared, we're impressed at the parallels they're able to draw between clothing and, well, just about anything.
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Photo via @isartinfashion.
Plop fashion models into famous paintings and, well, we're sold. Some of this feed's creations look more realistic, while others play with proportions to create trippy scenarios that make the models look so out of their element. All we know is that if you love Karlie Kloss and Van Gogh, you should check out this page immediately.
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