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Fashion's Latest Tech Is WAY Beyond 3-D Prints

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    Convinced that fashion technology is just about weird-looking spaceman products that your Silicon Valley friends can't stop talking about, but none of your NYC friends want to wear? Hold onto your 3-D-printed hats and think again. The next wave might be all about "wearables" (some more wearable than others), but there’s so much more to the buzzy business than a bunch of investors flashing Google Glass.

    Just ask Lisa Morales-Hellebo, executive director and co-founder of the New York Fashion Tech Lab (an accelerator program that matches fashion-tech innovators with retailers) who gave us the scoop on what’s new and next. On the horizon? Improvements and breakthroughs are happening in basically every sector of the fashion industry, and not just on things you can wear (though those are pretty neat). Morales-Hellebo is particularly stoked on advancements in the back-end, and there are big changes a-coming to the way we shop in person. We've come a long way since Hypercolor. Read on to see how.

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