Fashion Flashback: Mod Brings Sultry Sophistication Back To Fashion

mod-tip-3AdvertisementColor blocking, geometric prints, and of course those short hemlines—this past February's fall 2011 runways were mad about mod. Born as a reaction to the oh-so conservative cuts of the 1950's, mod was all about looking as hip and expensive as possible through sharp, clean lines, fine fabrics, and just enough androgyny and rebellion (and, well, drugs) to make mom and dad seriously mad. While mini-skirts are far from scandalous today, and we've long since traded in Venus Fly Trap eyelashes for a great mascara, mod's resurgence is more than just a fondness for a bygone era. Rather, it proves that the look's solid sophistication and unspeakable coolness still has the power to transform us into that girl that everyone has to know. So, pick out a pair of super-round sunnies and hike up the hem on that color-blocked dress—mod is back to stay, baby.
Photos: Maria Valentino/MCV Photo

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