Fashion Faceoff: Bad Girls vs. Good Girls

Last season, you couldn't walk down the street without being poked by an aggressive stud or spike courtesy of everyone from executive-types to club-goers. But this season, the tides haven't just turned, they've done a 180 with frothy fripperies, precious details, and good-girl looks that could make even the hardest chick resemble Little Bo Peep. While there are tons of stylish girls from each camp that make us want to officially register as bipartisan, the polarity of the two trends makes us uneasy. Can you be a Wang girl one year and a Celine girl the next? Is it possible to make the switch, or do you just come across as a fashion victim? More importantly regarding bad girls and good girls—which one are you?
Theodora vs. Alexa
Theodora Richards, model and offspring of rocker Keith Richards is practically synonymous with bad girl fashion due to her penchant for jet black leather and everything metallic. Perhaps she got it from her daddy dearest, but either way her look screams "don't mess with me." In contrast, Brit TV sensation and style royalty Alexa Chung is without a doubt a trail blazer for sweet style—her sartorial choices always mix in lady-like touches.
Above, from left: Theodora Richards, photo by Mr. Newton; Alexa Chung, photo by Pete Miszuk.
Wang Bag vs. Celine Bag
Alexander Wang is now infamous for his designs that exude downtown cool, so it's no wonder that bad girls are snatching up his studded and embossed leather pieces like tickets to Lady Gaga. Celine, on the other hand, has the perfect, understated je ne sais quoi accessory for every good girl—clean lines and impeccable construction take it to the next level.
Above, from left: Celine Box Bag, $2,414, image via Fifi; Alexander Wang Angela Pouchette, $650, available at Opening Ceremony
Kate vs. Giovanna
These ladies have a huge influence on what we wear—Elle's Style Director Kate Lanphear rocks the bad girl style on the daily with her bleach blond crop, badass boots, and her-head-to-toe black ensembles. Giovanna Battaglia, L'Uomo Vogue's Fashion Editor, sides with the good girl camp, with chic chignons, cinched skirts, and penny loafers.
Above, from left: Kate Lanphear, photo by Mr. Newton; Giovanna Battaglia, photo by Lianna Tarantin.
Louboutin vs. Miu Miu
Nothing says bad girl like a pair of sky-high studded stilettos, and these bad boys from Christian Louboutin are sure to do the trick. The Mary-Jane used to only be for Plain Janes, but now the tried-and-true classic has been given a modern flair by Miu Miu. What good girl wouldn't want to pair of these babies?
Above, from left: Christian Louboutin Studded Slingbacks; $1,195, available at Net-a-Porter; Miu Miu Maryjane, $525, available at Barney's.
Rumi vs. Louise
Fashion bloggers make a huge impact on our sartorial efforts, and these ladies have style in spades. In one corner, there's bad girl Rumi Neely, whose chunky black wedges, leather fringe skirts, and nonchalant stare have made her a rockstar in the blogosphere. In the other corner there's Louise Ebel, a Parisian with an affinity for voluminous skirts, white tights, and Daria glasses who makes us swoon every time she flashes us her sultry smile.
Above, from left: Rumi Neely, photo courtesy of Fashion Toast; Louise Ebel, photo by Mr. Newton.

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