Fashion Emergencies And Their Purse-Sized Fixes

If you've been anticipating wearing a particular outfit for your day's plans, you know how big a bummer it is when you realize that the hem is too long, a button's fallen off, or two unsightly deodorant stains are besmirching the armholes. Instead of scrapping your dream outfit and starting over, we've got some quick fixes for these fashion emergencies that don't involve having professional sewing skills nor having your dry cleaner on speed dial. The solutions we've found all come in mini sizes and pack neatly into a purse — we suggest putting together an emergency kit to carry with you at all times! Check out the 10 most annoying fashion fumbles, and how to remedy them.
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Loose Buttons — If you're wearing a cardigan and a button pops off, you can thread a spare twist tie through the button and secure it behind the sweater. Beware — this only works on open weaves and loose knits. Use a twist tie on any finer fabrics, and you're just going to ruin your clothes.

Darise Twist Ties, $6.80, available at Amazon.
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Deodorant Track Marks — Instead of waiting for the dry cleaners to take 'em out, invest in a sponge eraser that somehow magically removes deodorant stains, toothpaste remnants, and smudged makeup.

Skid Out Eraser, $4.95, available at Amazon.
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Too-Long Hems — In a pinch, extra-sturdy double-sided tape can shorten the hems of your trousers or skirts for up to a day.

Hollywood Temporary Hem Tape, $7.99, available at Hollywood Fashion Secrets.
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Lost Earring Backs — If you've somehow lost the back of your earring, a mechanical eraser can double as an earring back. Just snip it in half, remove the earring, and make a hole in the eraser (so you don't hurt yourself trying to do it while the earring is in your ear). Voilà!

Pentel Erasers, $1.65, available at Office Max.
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Peeking Bra-Straps — If your low-back shirt is a little too low, but you still need a bra, use a bra back converter like this one from Braza to pull your bra strap down a couple of inches.

Braza Low Down Bra Back Converter, $9, available at Rent the Runway.
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Linty Clothes — Lint happens, but who has the room to carry around a can-sized lint roller? Instead, tote around lint-removing sheets to remove stray hair, debris, and dirt on the fly.

The Natural Lint Removing Sheets, $8, available at Lane Bryant.
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No Pockets — Sometimes, all you need to carry with you is your cell phone and some cash, but if your outfit lacks pockets you can feel forced to carry a unwieldy purse even if you don't really want to. This adhesive pocket attaches to the inside of your clothing and securely carries whatever you need.

Pocksie Temporary Stick Pockets, $9.95, available at Solutions That Stick.
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Headlights — If you're trying to avoid a bra, but your ladies still insist on making an appearance, stick on a pair of these silicone nipple concealers that'll keep those puppies in line.

Nipplomats Reusable Silicone Concealers, $11.95, available at Solutions That Stick.
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Blister-Making Straps — No matter how cute your new shoes are, if they pinch and rub, it's never worth wearing them. These thin strips adhere to the inside of straps and provide some cushioning for shoes that haven't yet been broken in.

Foot Petals Strappy Strips, $6.95, available at Foot Petals.
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Stuck Zippers — For old, rusty, stuck zippers, rub some graphite onto the zipper to grease things up. If the zipper is against a lighter fabric, use a bar soap instead.

Write With Moxie Pencil Set, $12, available at Write With Moxie.