Want To See What's In Our Editors' Commuter Bags?

Yes, we're editors. But, we're really hoarders at heart. We keep mounds of beauty goods at our desks, piles of shoes under our chairs, and the latest in fitness gear shoved in our drawers as we test products to recommend the best of the best for you every day. And, the clutter doesn't stop there.
They say your handbag is an extension of you, so it makes sense the contents of our jam-packed carryalls reflect our daily goings-on. To show what we mean, we asked six of our editors (all from different channels) to spill on what's in their commuter bags. Up ahead, you'll see the face mist and emergency kit our beauty director can't leave home without, our style editor's daily essentials, and much more. Click through to check it out, and tell us in the comments section below what you carry in your satchel. We know you've got serious baggage, too.
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"My bag is loaded with the essentials I need to touch up the inevitable beauty disasters that happen throughout the day. I am the Murphy's Law of human being in that anything that can go wrong will go wrong, so I make sure my bag is stocked with quick fixes. And, a notebook — because the notes app on my phone drives me crazy, and if I am struck by a brilliant beauty idea, I will go crazy thinking about it in an attempt to not lose it. Writing things down, from grocery lists to feature ideas, helps me keep my sanity."
—Megan McIntyre, beauty director
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"As a New Yorker and an entertainment reporter, I'm hardly ever standing still. As a result, my bag's chock-full of things I need for both work and just 24-hour maintenance. We're talking zero time for touch-ups between writing stories at the office, red-carpet interviews, and concerts. On a good day, my bag has only a few things in it, like the essentials I've listed here. But, more often than not, you'll also find a stray Sour Patch Kid, all of the receipts ever, and the one random thing I need but can never find right away, like my MetroCard. (Spoiler alert: It's always at the bottom.)"
— Vanessa Golembewski, associate news & entertainment editor
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"Fashion people live out of their bags, so it pays to be prepared. Mine is stocked with my trusty city guide, a notebook to capture ideas and inspiration (plus old-school, hand-written to-do lists!), and a pick-me-up lip color for last-minute market appointments. My Trinity de Cartier sunglasses are the perfect finishing touch — they’re beautifully made, give any outfit a frisson of mystery and glamour, and the interlocking rings on the arms radiate chic."
—Leeann Duggan, style features editor
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"My purse is where I stash all my post-workout necessities and keep extras of the essentials (like elastic bands, since they always seem to break). A yogi friend turned me on to the Violet Love headband, which tames the frizz and easily transitions from the gym to dinner with friends — it doesn't scream 'sport.' And, since I'm cranky when thirsty, I've found that toting around a reusable, filtered water bottle is a necessity. You never know when dehydration will strike."
— Bari Lieberman, fitness & wellness editor
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"I'm constantly running around on shoots, so my bag is an amalgamation of the things I often need throughout the day: an extra charge for my phone that is constantly in a state of near-death, gum, and perfume to keep it fresh. I got a stick of Palo Santos as a gift on one of my shoots and I keep it in my purse for good luck — can never have too much of that! Lastly, who needs Instagram when you can have the real thing? Instant film is helpful on shoots or for castings, not to mention a hit at parties."
— Julia Finch, photo editor
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"My three essentials are always lipstick, water, and a great read. I normally shy away from anything with a wand stick, but this product by Beauty For Real is my new obsession (shade Infra Red). It has a mirror, built-in light (which usually seems like a gimmick used with cheap lipstick brands), and fantastic colors. I'm currently reading Happy All the Time, a 1978 comedy of manners and morals about love (gifted to me by content editor Lindsey Stanberry). Be warned about reading it in public. Guaranteed fits of laughter."
— Chloe Daley, associate lifestyle editor

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