The Items Our Editors Have Worn 30+ Times

Even though it may seem like we're constantly buying into new trends, the fact of the matter is, our closets look a whole lot like yours. Sure, there are certain items that only get to see the light of day a few times before they get donated, but for the most part, we rely on a reliable stable of well-worn standbys. They're the things we know we can count on those mornings when we've hit our alarms eight times and are already 20 minutes late for work.

When it comes to what clothes qualify for that magical category, we did a little math and came up with 30. Yes, for an article of clothing to count as a staple, we have to have worn it at least 30 times. Want to know the funniest thing when we pooled all of our ride-or-die picks? They're all black.

, we hate to be those typical "I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color" fashion editors, but it's true — they're the items we wear time and time (and time) again. Let's make one thing clear: Just because they're flattering and versatile doesn't mean they're boring.

Click on to see the items that have given us our money's worth — and then some. Let us know in the comments what wardrobe staples you'll wear until the end of time.
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"I have a front-back T-shirt from Sacai that I bought during a trip to Tokyo that I felt super-guilty buying, because it was nearly my entire shopping budget for that trip. But I've worn it almost every week during the summer for three years now.

"It's the only thing I want to wear when it's hot as balls outside (I swear there's AC built into the shirt somehow) and it dresses up anything from jeans to mini-pleated pants to cutoffs. I've gotten it dry-cleaned a few times, and each time it's gone from my closet, I literally go through withdrawals. Since my first, I've bought another two. Now, I alternate between the three."

— Connie Wang, fashion features director

Sacai Scarf Print T-shirt, $397.57, available at Farfetch.
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"I'm not sure why it took me so long to buy a suede, low-heeled mule. Ever since I scooped up this $59 black pair, I've worn them with everything to the point where the rest of the shoes in my closet are probably starting to feel very, very neglected. And since they're so affordable, I'm considering buying a back-up pair for when the current ones get too beat up to continue wearing."

— Alyssa Coscarelli, fashion market writer

Urban Outfitters Patti Low Heel Mule, $59, available at Urban Outfitters.
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"I have three shapeless black dresses that I rotate through my closet (one from COS, one from Forever 21, and one from Hackwith). I usually wear one at least once every two weeks. The COS one was my first acquisition — from an epic sale about a year-and-a-half ago — and it's my go-to when I don't feel like overthinking my outfit, since it's super comfortable and soft, long-sleeved and mid-legth. Unfortunately, it's no longer on the shelves (because I would buy the remaining stock, anyway), but this one comes pretty close."

— Ana Colon, fashion news writer

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COS Circle Cut Layer Dress, $99, available at COS.
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"I'm a 'why fix it if it ain't broke' type of shopper. No matter how much money I've spent on jeans (and trust me, I've done the legwork), I've never received such return on investment like a pair of Uniqlo jeans. They're affordable as all hell ($40), fit me like a glove, and last forever."

— Landon Peoples, fashion editorial assistant

Uniqlo Men's Colored Skinny Jeans, $39.90, available at Uniqlo.
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"I have a little black dress that I've worn well over 100 times. It feels like a second skin. I'll put it over just about anything else I own: white tights and a white turtleneck in the winter, T-shirts in the summer, mesh long sleeves if I'm going to a party. I think I've even worn it over a jacket before. It has a square neckline and is incredibly short. Lots of memories in the resilient little thing."

— Jenny Hartsman, styling assistant

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Zara Dress With Sweetheart Neckline, $39.90, available at Zara.
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"I own several pairs of premium denim, but, ironically, my favorite is the most affordable one! These 'mom' jeans from Topshop are high-waisted, so they give the illusion of longer legs (a vital weapon in a petite girl's arsenal and closet). I'll wear them with a fitted tee during the day and swap it out for a cropped top at night."

— Bethie Girmai, associate stylist

Topshop MOTO Washed Black Mom Jeans, $70, available at Topshop.
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"I wish Reformation still sold the exact orange-and-navy Alyssa wrap skirt that I bought from them last year. I have worn that thing to pieces. The easy wrap-tie skirt is classy enough to be a last-minute pick for most cocktail/semi-formal events, breezy enough to tie on and off for a day at the beach, and has an Angelina Jolie leg-slit that makes it the perfect piece for a Saturday night out. Have a worn it three times in one week before? Absolutely."

— Ray Lowe, fashion market writer

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Reformation Wesley Skirt, $128, available at Reformation.
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"No matter the occasion, I always reach for a pair of Levi's 501s I found on eBay about 3 years ago. I've dressed them up with a silk camisole and down with a cotton tank; but without fail, these jeans make me feel confident and comfortable, which can be hard to come by in fashion.

"Since acquiring these, I've accumulated about four other pairs, almost identical in style and wash, but I wear them almost every day. It's good to have backup."

— Emily Holland, styling director

Levi's Black 501s, $145, available at Collection.
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"Let me start this by saying: I did not actually buy this item. My best friend used to work at Oscar de la Renta and the shoe collection she racked up was unrivaled. I, of course, borrowed (okay, stole) many pairs, but the best were black-lace thong sandals that I have legitimately worn everywhere (the beach, the Met Gala, multiple weddings, you catch my drift).

"I have worn them so many times, in fact, that I have had to have them re-soled, re-sewn, and basically reconstructed FIVE times. Currently, they're sitting in my closet with a broken strap, waiting to be fixed yet again. But that's the power of these shoes: No matter how many times I ruin them, they're always willing to come back for more (with a little help from Leather Spa, of course)."

— Erin Cunningham, senior fashion editor

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Pieces Toe Thong Flat Sandals, $36, available at ASOS.
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"My encounters with 'dressy pants' are limited — and negative. I've never had a 'business-casual' dress code, so the concept of work-appropriate trousers bores me. Hence my surprise that I've gotten so much use out of these Aella pants, which feel like leggings, but look like legitimate pants: There's a zipper! A button placket! A fancy-pants waistband! It was a gradual courtship, a.k.a. I barely wore them the first year I had them, neglected in favor of my go-to skinny black jeans rotation. I thought they made my calves look way too large and I wasn't convinced they could pass for 'real' pants.

"They've since endured airport jaunts, sweaty laundry runs, nice dinners, and lazy out-of-town weekends. Oh, and an entire glass-worth of wine spillage at a family dinner. Miraculously, I was dry by the time the check came. Basically, the sleeper hit of my pants drawer."

— Alexandra Ilyashov, senior fashion news editor

High Waist Ankle Skinny , $198, available at Aella.

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