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Java Scripts: These 7 Stunning Books Are Coffee-Table Must-Haves

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    If your coffee table has nothing resting atop it but yesterday's mail, your keys, and one of many gifted coaster sets, then it probably still lacks a special something. And, for us, that extra shot of panache is always an inspiring, photo-rich tome that we, and our guests alike, won't be able to resist flipping through — multiple times. Fortunately, a number of crisp, new reads came across our desks this autumn, and we've enjoyed them all so much, we wanted to share these treasures with you.

    Here, you'll discover an exclusive look into beautiful publications that feature a range of modern and contemporary photography. Subjects such as '90s models, Maison Chloé, iconic street-wear brand Fuct, and much more are documented between the books' shiny hard covers and also in our gallery ahead. One gander at the eye candy that follows, and we have a feeling your holiday wish list, and coffee table, are going to become much more cultured.

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