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Remember When Your Favorite Bloggers Dressed Like This?

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    We all have to start somewhere. Sure, fashion bloggers seem to have a knack for posing, an ability to balance themselves over a table for the perfect overhead brunch pic, and overall enviable lifestyles. But, they didn't all wake up like this. Before taking their seats (front row) at Fashion Week and spots on every best dressed list, the biggest names in fashion blogging were just style enthusiasts sharing their stories via the World Wide Web.

    Depending on how long ago a blogger first started posting, they've probably undergone a wardrobe renaissance or three in the intervening years. (Hey, you don't wear all the same clothes as you did in '09, do you?) Tastes change, trends cycle out, and outfits we lived to regret get pushed into bags and sent off to charity. But, as anyone who's ever tried to get rid of a few college party pics knows, the Internet remembers all. And, sometimes, nosy interns (Hi!) go deep into your archives to unearth the outfits you tried to hide away like so many incriminating Solo-cup photos.

    Yes, we've searched out some of the very first posts to be shared by today's most recognizable personas. And, the bloggers are taking a walk (in stride) down memory lane with us. Remember Bryanboy when he was just a boy named Bryan in a puffy coat? Or, Aimee Song before her Instagram looked like a travel magazine? Us, too.

    To celebrate their style evolutions — the good, the bad, and the deleted — 13 household names shared photos from their pasts (and even a sartorial anecdote or two). Click on for some of the first-ever outfits seen on the Man Repeller, Fashion Toast, and more. It's like a cache prize.

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