Just When We Thought Zara Couldn't Get Any Cooler, They Land Freja Beha

We've seen Freja Beha front plenty of campaigns before, but Zara might have placed her in the role she was meant to play. As the face of the fall campaign for the one store that we never leave empty-handed (like, ever), the new shots of the Danish model capture her spending a day just lounging around. Sounds thrilling, no? Actually, it's totally beautiful.
Part Parisian bobo, part rock-'n'-roll chic, the black-and-white photos are raw and quite glamorous, and they are infused with the Beha attitude that makes her such a camera magnet. The Zara collection is also super-stellar in its own right with extra-long tuxedo jackets, ultra sleek and modern shift dresses, and shorts studded with hardware. Overall, it's a pretty killer collection — and Beha serves as the stunning poster child.
See all of the shots from the fall '12 campaign ahead. Then, Google the closest Zara.
Photo: Courtesy of Zara