Meet These 10 L.A. Indie Designers Before They Make It Big!

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on June 8.]
In this city of dreams, making it big time as an L.A.-dwelling fashion designer might be even harder than reaching Angelina Jolie status. Think about it: There's no Lincoln Center bustling with Marni-clad editors to ogle every thread, and it's hard to get noticed otherwise, unless you've piled up a giant wad of cash, invested in PR, and gotten your dress onto the back of a major celeb.
That said, there are a bevy of unsung home-sewn heroes whipping up wondrous silhouettes and cutting-edge wares, and we've turned this town upside down to find them. Who's got next…and possible Rodarte-level stardom? Meet our top 10 under-the-radar designer obsessions right here, and start investing in these Made-in-L.A. talents early. And then go ahead and brag a little about how ahead of the curve you are.
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In Five Words: Luxe ladies of the canyon
Crafted with the utmost of care in the heart of Silver Lake by Academy of Art grad Maria Korovilas, this magical made-to-order line conjures bohemian fantasies and fancy-free revelry. We can so picture Stevie Nicks getting soulful on stage in any one of this young talent's feminine silhouettes.

Photos: Courtesy of korovilas
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In Five Words: Your new eco-friendly bestie
If anyone could make enviro-minded clothes tantalizing, it's Natasha Gindin. How's this for a resume? After living in London, Frankfurt, Prague, Baghdad, and New York, and studying molecular biology and business, and earning degrees from FIT and Otis, she launched this all-made-in-L.A. sustainable label. Every time you purchase one of this Renaissance woman's Rubik's cube-style items (they're all multi-functional), a tree is planted through American Forests as part of the California Wildfire ReLeaf program. You won't find anything more karma charming anywhere on the map!

Photos: Via LAVUK
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8000 Nerves
In Five Words: Posh Pollyanna pops a pill
This line has really tapped our need-to-shop-now nerve! Created by four sisters, the name is all about being a ballsy gal with guts enough to wear clothes that suit your every mood. Fittingly, the swinging '60s seem to be ever-present in the vintage-inspired collections, and we can't wait to get our mitts on that mint eyelet A-line.

Photos: Via 8000 Nerves
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In Five Words: Badass with cutting-edge class
With plunging necklines, funkdafied cutouts, and splashy silhouettes, Amber Kekich-Purling's foxy crop of summer and fall threads are made for the smart sexpot. And, each piece is versatile enough to wear again and again in so many different ways.

Photos: Courtesy of AGAIN
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In Five Words: Straight outta our beachside dreams
Diana Ra's spring smattering of frocks are undeniable boho show-stoppers. They're overtly feminine and flowy like a lot of Cali-bred lines — yet the thoughtful shapes, luxe fabrics, and expert cuts keep the label completely innovative. Consider our orders placed!

Photos: Courtesy of d.RA
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Edith Palm
In Five Words: Daisy Buchanan goes buck wild
Aimed at "flattering a woman's figure, hiding her troubles, and pronouncing her charms," we're anointing Sarah Aaronson L.A.'s ultimate atelier (and wordsmith!). She specializes in custom-creating anything from bridal gowns (check this out!) to the sickest choker-meets-belt accessories (see far left). Hate to say it, but the CFDA has been slow to recognize this one...

Photos: Courtesy of Edith Palm
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Love, Zooey
In Five Words: Shut-the-front-door duds!
If your bank account only allots you a few sacred staples for fall, Grace Chon's Love, Zooey line is full of key pieces worth those plastic-swipe-and-look-later days. There's leather-paneled S&M skirts for strutting your stuff up in the club, paisley-printed pantsuits for power lunches, and even chic sweats (really) for your morning coffee run. Of all the labels we're dishing on, this has the most NYC appeal (eat your heart out, Big Apple!).

Photos: Courtesy of Love, Zooey
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In Five Words: Easy-breezy brains and braun
We haven't exactly been silent about our crush on Liz Wasserman's quirky-cool wares (or the girl for that matter — perhaps the sweetest chica in Lala). Although attractive, we love that these aren't just vapid dresses, tops, and rompers. Each piece has an intelligent edge, story, or unique twist. Wasserman even dove deep into Lake Michigan for lost objects to embed on her spring prints!

Photos: Courtesy of Popomomo
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Shaina Mote
In Five Words: Sofia Coppola at the Chateau
Clean as a whistle with cool-girl charisma, Shaina Mote's been churning out concise collections since 2010. We're digging the polka dots and denim combo and think this skilled seamstress could have major mass appeal someday.

Photos: Via Shaina Mote
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Melody Ehsani
In Five Words: Total Santigold-style statement-makers
Sure, she's had major celeb moments and even teamed up with NCLA for rad nail wraps, but unless you're looped in the music or finger scene, these quirky gems may have escaped your view. But now that you've peeped them, it's hard to look away, right? Poppy-hued, sprinkled with humor, and teeming with go-bold-or-go-home 'tude, these baubles are for fun-lovers only.

Photos: Via Melody Ehsani