5 Perfect Interview Outfits For Every Kind Of Gig

Let’s face it: Nailing down your dream job is a full-time gig in and of itself. The endless hours spent perusing online boards, revamping cover letters, and participating in excessive networking can wear an aspiring employee out. And, while you're probably handing out résumés like candy, landing (and acing) the interview is another feat altogether.
So, if you’re left pondering the next step in the process (read: what to wear) once you've finally booked some face-time, we’re here to lend a helping hand. Whether you're anxiously embarking on a post-grad journey or looking to upgrade a snoozy office sitch, we're here for you. We've crafted five must-copy outfits for every possible job interview. From a spot-on start-up-worthy ensemble to a creative getup for an artsy gig, check out our thorough picks right here. And hey, once you land the dream position, if you want to pass some of that signing bonus our way, we won't complain.
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Techie Interview
Headed to an interview at a start-up? The dress code is probably pretty relaxed and you obviously want to look your best, but there’s really no need to show up in towering heels or flouncy tops. Keep it simple, not too formal, and just trot in looking slightly spiffier than you would any other day.

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Creative Interview
With a creative interview you have a little more wiggle room when it comes to dressing. And this could be your time to shine, both sartorially and professionally speaking. We suggest punching up a pair of modestly printed pants with a cool button-up, blocky heels, a stylish purse, and a neutral lip shade. You really can't go wrong with this fashion arsenal.

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Academic Interview
Going for a teaching gig? Well, you definitely don’t want to show up for your interview looking too stuffy, but at the same time you also want to make sure you sport garb expressive of your stellar personality and teaching chops. So, let’s do the math: a bright frock and belt, plus a subtle blazer and bag — equal a must-copy mash-up, no? It’s a win-win.

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Corporate Interview
If you’re applying for a more conservative job (think law or financial), it’s probably wise to tone it down a notch — keeping your look put-together, but not snoozy. After all, you want to get your foot in he door, so it’s important to show you’re aware of the company’s corporate culture. A light-hued pencil skirt, basic black pumps, a blazer, a white top, and delicate accessories are the way to go.

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Wildcard Interview
So, you’re super stoked you got a call back, but you’re not entirely sure what the company’s office vibe is like just yet. Is it creative? Corporate? To avoid major styling snafus, we recommend picking out an ensemble that is pretty neutral and will fly for any gig. You can't really go wrong with basic black trousers, right? We think something similar to this polished get-up won’t let you down.

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