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Truly Chic Fanny Packs For Skipping Out On Strap Sweat

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    Yes, we said the "f" word. Thanks to tourists, grandmothers, and early aughts hipsters, the fanny pack is practically a curse (maybe we're prude, but "fanny" and "things we want to wear" rarely go together). But with this very cool crop of strapless bags, bum bags, belt bags or modular purses, the old stand-by is more relevant than ever. (Bottega makes a belt bag? Chloé to go? You bet.)

    However, with these new hands-free carriers, style isn't our only concern. When the heat is ratcheting up (and the rain is coming down), there isn't much worse than unseemly strap sweat — we've all peeled our bags off of our shoulders or dealt with a purse tan. From the club, to on our bikes, to a chill afternoon with pals, these pouches and purses are ready to long as you are.

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